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Amidst much talk about gender equality and elimination of societal roles, Medivoice decided to ask our dear readers their thoughts on a trending topic.

Question: Who should contribute more financially to a relationship? (The man or woman)

‘It’s a relationship, not a donation to the less privileged. Both should’ – Misbahudeen, New Part Four

‘The two of them ….eshey’ – Deolu, Old Part Four

‘The man because this is Africa and the man is the head of the home. The woman should only assist’ – Lanre

‘Equally the both of them. But also depending on individual’s income. A particular percentage depending on their income.’ – Oluwajuyinlo, Part One Biochemistry

‘Whoever earns more and has less personal-financial responsibilities.’- Idera, Part 2

‘Depends. Is this the only part of the patriarchy we want to change? If the gender wage gap will still remain the same, men should pay more, for equity. If the wage gap is changed and there’s equal pay, both should contribute equally’ – Ese, Part Three

‘Biblically, the Bible taught has that the man should take care of his household; relationship leads to a household, so what a man will do when he has a household, he should have been doing it in the relationship, so the man has to contribute more financially to the relationship! 1 Timothy 5:8. Going by our culture and tradition, the man starts the relationship by asking the lady out for love. The man brings the woman into the relationship and so the man should be ready to contribute more financially because the man called her into it.’ – Ibukun, Part Five

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