Meet Olowookere Joseph (POTW)

On today’s episode of Personality of the week, we will be meeting Olowookere Joseph. Who, in himself, is a gentleman, a man of few words, and an enigma of the Magna class.

Hmm… that was a good rhyme. Anyway, let’s meet Joseph together, dear readers.

Hiii Joseph. Can we meet you?

My name is Olowookere Joseph Aduragbemi, known as JOE-MAP. A part 2 Medical student of the Magna medicos constituency.

How has it been so far as a preclinical I student?

It has really been demanding. At first, I wasn’t feeling the pressure till after my first two sets of incourses, the pressure became intensed… But one can’t give up. You just have to continue pushing till the very end of the journey..

Interesting. What’s the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced as a preclinical student in college?

Yeah… Having to adapt to the system of being a medical student. I experienced a shock recently in my Physiology Incourse result that was released. After concluding the exam, I was so happy within me and assured myself that I wouldn’t score less than 80+, at worst 75. Coming out from exam hall, feeling happy and the next moment, I realized I made silly mistakes during the exam. Eventually bagging 60+(my lowest incourses tho🥲). Although, I knew I would have done well if I had been more careful during the exam but I love the process, even though it seems demanding and the lessons medical school is teaching me. I believe there are lots of lesson and discoveries medical school will expose me to as I continue in college.

That was quite a lot. Thank you for sharing, Joseph. Next, is there anything you are looking forward to in this class?

Looking forward to many more self-discoveries medical school will expose me to generally and the lessons to be learnt along the process..

Hmmm… I expected to hear things like bagging distinctions or BGS. It’s fine though. Tell me, is there anyone you look up to in college?

To mention a few Bro Orojo Bamidele, E-Plus, Blessing, Akinola, WOF, Spechy, Toluwani (Dr Tee), Fasoro.

What else are you passionate about aside medicine?

Music and impacting lives in every way I can

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

As a Co-Founder of JJMIT OAU POST UTME PUBLICATION ,it is my Joy impacting lives and seeing students achieving their dream courses in OAU..By the grace of God, JJMIT has produced 15 students into OAU MEDICINE currently in part 1 class (Invictus class),and several others admitted to other departments in college, pharmacy including various departments in OAU..That alone is fulfilling and brings smile to my face whenever I see my students on campus or read their message of appreciation..Thanks to God and other members of the JJMIT Crew for the accomplishment. By God’s grace, we are trying to make provisions for this year’s OAU aspirant also towards getting the updated JJMIT version after their Jamb results is out.

This is so beautiful. Alright, what advice will you give anyone who is interested in coming to medical school?

Medical school will take a whole lot from you with my experience so far. So be determined, focus, consistency. Also, know your stuffs and what you want out of medical school. Finally, know your God well

How will you describe IFUMSA?

IFUMSA is a great family on its own and I am glad to be part of this association.

Any word for MediVoice ?

Medivoice!🤭✨.You guys are really trying.Keep up the good works!

Give a Shout out to someone

Shouts out to Tobbie, Joy, Benita, Towolawi Tosin, my class Rep, Funmi, JJMIT Crew, and other members of the Magna medicos and to senior colleagues that have impacted my life in one way or the other ❤️

With that, we have come to the end of this episode. I believe you can now agree with me that MediVoice is the best club in IFUMSA because if not for us, how would you have known Joseph?

Thank you for reading till the end. You can check out previous interviews here.

Till next time readers.

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