M.N.A: Can we meet you please?
Nominee: Let’s just keep this part simple. The name is Lolu Akinteye. Member of the Eximus Grandis 500 level class.

M.N.A: Where do you hail from?
Nominee: I hail from Eruwa, Oyo state. The acclaimed capital town of the 7town Ibarapa zone of the state.

M.N.A: What are your hobbies?
Nominee: Well, hobbies are quite a lot. Reading, writing and talking politics is on top of the others.

M.N.A: As a nominee for the face of IFUMSA 2019, how has that made you feel and what’s your expected outcome?
Nominee: Being a nominee for face of IFUMSA , I’ll say it is quite a fantastic feat and I appreciate everyone for the nominations. I see all recognitions as a challenge to do more. So being Face of IFUMSA nominee is a challenge to represent and project the association more and look more handsome. Lol.

M.N.A: What do you think makes you stand out amongst other nominees?
Nominee: All nominees are great individuals. Each of them deserving of the award. But then this is Lolu, I think I have carried IFUMSA on my head within and outside more.

M.N.A: Do you regard yourself as a creative? If so, why?
Nominee: Oh yes, I think I have some bits of creativity. Something others can afford as plenty by the way. I write from within reasoning, logic and practical applications. And I have strategic abilities. Abilities to turn something of small value to large value through speech, texts, strategies and procedures.

M.N.A: Which IFUMSite has an exceptional personality that you admire? Tell us about him/her
Nominee: Opeyemi Muili, the current Vice President. Her energetic drives is one beyond the space of the world. Give her a stone and a sling and Goliath will fall… Friendly, strict and purposeful personality she is.

M.N.A: what are your pet peeves?

Nominee: Really… What are pet peeves… Lol

M.N.A: if not Medicine, which course would you choose to study?
Nominee: If not medicine and it has to be science, I think it would have been Chemical Engineering. But if not medicine and could be anything, I think Law or maybe Political Science.

M.N.A: has any movie inspired you to the best of who you are? Tell us about it.
Nominee: I’ve seen a couple movies that have driven me in different ways. ‘ Head of State’ inspired me politically. ‘The Great Debate’ blessed my public speaking the more. ‘The Race’ gave me additional African passion. ‘3 Idiots’ was my first modern Bollywood and I think it helped the never give up spirit. ‘ The Avengers’ too taught me more about teamwork and team spirit. A lot, a lot more…

M.N.A: Who’s your best actor or actress and why?
Nominee: I don’t have a best actor or actress… But I used to crush on Amandla Stenberg until I know she’s gay or whatever she said she is.

M.N.A: What type of books do you read outside academics. Name one

Nominee: My interest in books is largely based on History, Politics, Business, Leadership and Autobiography and Philosophy. Let me just give example of the ones I am shuffling in between presently. One is Reforming the Unreformables by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala(a book about the political economic journey of Nigeria between 2003-2006) and The Political Brain by Drew Westen.

M.N.A: what do you appreciate most about MEDIVOICE?
Nominee: Haha, the teamwork in Medivoice is on top of this world. I’m saying this because I know the in-house well and yes I appreciate it about the club.

M.N.A: Do you have any political post and/or ambition in the Association ? If yes, which?
Nominee: No political post at present… Oh, I remember, I am the Ex-officio 2 of the present parliament. But I bet that’s not really a political post. It is advise they said I should be giving. Lol.
My ambition is for a better and more progressive association in our core values and aims with connections far and near. So, anything that promises this is my ambition as a member.

M.N.A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Nominee: In 10 years, I think a lot of people will be calling me Dr Lolu Akinteye already but not just medicine I suppose, a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard. And well running a business consultancy to leading firms in industries coupled with a strong hold of Political interventions. And then, a member of the House of Represesentatives of the Nigeria.

M.N.A: What is your philosophy of life?
Nominee: That we owe it to this world to make it better than we met it and strife to leave our names inscribed on the universal rocks of time.

M.N.A: Give a shout out to your friends
Nominee: See ehn, I cannot mention names, cos your board cannot contain it. So don’t let me cause commotion and wahala. Shouting out to everybody whoknows Lolu… I consider everyone as humans of respect.

M.N.A: Thank you for your time.

Nominee: You’re welcome


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