M.N.A: Can we meet you please?
Nominee: I’m  Fasuyi Emmanuel

M.N.A: Where do you hail from?
Nominee: Prestigious Ondo state, Ondo town to be precise

M.N.A: What are your hobbies?
Nominee: Playing basketball And table tennis

M.N.A: As a nominee for the face of IFUMSA 2019, how has that made you feel and what’s your expected outcome?
Nominee: I feel really good with it And my expected outcome is to be the winner

M.N.A: What do you think makes you stand out amongst other nominees?

Nominee: My height first then my ability to make people with gloomy faces filled with laughter and joy

M.N.A: Do you regard yourself as a creative? If so, why?
Nominee: Yes, I’m into shoe making, fashion designing, I mean, I sew nice male dresses and I make nice, cute and enticing shoes… All of which I Iearnt after my secondary school

M.N.A: Which IFUMSite has an exceptional personality that you admire? Tell us about him/her

Nominee: Oni bunmi Joshua AKA jislof. He is a part 5 medical student I like him a lot. He is my mentor.
One of the reasons I like him is being able to combine what he is into with medicine and he is really growing and enlarging…Want to be like him too even more

M.N.A: what are your pet peeves?

Nominee: Arguing without facts

M.N.A: if not Medicine, which course would you choose to study?
Nominee: Dramatic arts. I’d always dreamt of becoming an actor

M.N.A: has any movie inspired you to the best of who you are? Tell us about it.

Nominee: Yea, One of kelvin hart movies “NIGHT SCHOOL CLASS”

M.N.A: Who’s your best actor or actress and why?

Nominee: Kelvin Hart. I like the way he talks and expresses himself And his body

M.N.A: What type of books do you read outside academics. Name one
Nominee: The HOLY BIBLE

M.N.A: what do you appreciate most about MEDIVOICE?

Nominee: U guys should keep the good work up

M.N.A: Do you have any political post and/or ambition in the Association ? If yes, which?
Nominee: NIL

M.N.A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Nominee: NIL

M.N.A: What is your philosophy of life?
Nominee: Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying

M.N.A: Give a shout out to your friends
Nominee: Shout out to my niccur in college Aydaniel, DAMOSE, Folorunsho praise

Big shout out to JISLOF

M.N.A: Thank you for your time.

Nominee: You’re welcome


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