Medivoice: Hellloooo! Welcome to another episode of Personality of the Week. Today, we have Idowu Dolapo Esther. Over to you ma’am.

POTW: Hello everyone, my name is Idowu Dolapo Esther and I am a 400-level medical student. I am from Ekiti state and I love travelling and tweeting.

Medivoice: Firstly, it’s a pleasure having you here miss Dolapo, and welcome back to school. After the long compulsory break, how do you feel about resuming a schedule of 7 am to 5 pm of lectures?

POTW: I feel like the ‘life of shege’ is starting again lol…like waking up to prepare for class, making sure to eat and also getting to class before 7:30 …but we must finish this class o

Medivoice: So, aside from medicine, what other things are you involved in?

POTW: I’m a full-time medical student o, then I also volunteer, in leadership roles, and learn skills here and there

Medivoice: Jack of all trades. Agba multitasker🤲🤲. I love that you are involved in quite a number of things aside from medicine. Speaking of leadership roles, what leadership roles have you played within and without IFUMSA?

POTW: I was the erstwhile Financial Secretary of IFUMSA and I have played some NIMSA roles.

Medivoice: So far, what has been your best class in college?

POTW: Part 3 of course. I think it’s like that for most people too because you are already familiar with the way preclinical works.

Medivoice: Additionally, I feel part 3 is a soft class because first of all, it is the shortest and then again one is familiar with college. Your worst class would be?

POTW: My worst class is part 2…but we thank God.

Medivoice: Wow, contrary to popular opinion.😅 I was thinking you would mention part 4. Humans are different. What speciality in medicine are you seeking to explore?

POTW: I’m considering 4-5 things at the moment. Anything that involves pharmacology, community medicine or health financing.
You see I didn’t mention medicine or surgery.

Medivoice: Furthermore, it seems you love to work with money😅😅. And yes, you didn’t mention medicine or surgery, which suggests you don’t want anything that would stress you😅😅. So, of all the books you have read, what would be your favourite and why

POTW: Becoming by Mitchell Obama, Kidnap of an Angel, Potter’s wheel. They are my favourites because they are interesting to me and I find them inspiring.

Medivoice: So, who is your celebrity crush?

POTW: Young John the wicked producer! … E-daniels, too

Medivoice: Furthermore, who is your college crush?

POTW: My college crushes are: Tofunmi baby, Busola Fakz, Adeola, Japeth, Idowu Tunmi

Medivoice: Which senior colleagues do you admire?

POTW: Plenty of them – Dr Adeoye, Osas, Dr Richard Cross, Dr Tomilola, Peppermint, Ogagun Akinlolu, Dr Mayor keys, Dr Mayowa, Dr Michael, Bro Femi, Bro peace, Tolu…etc.

Medivoice: Are you involved romantically with anyone at the moment?

POTW: Is this a yes/no question? Yep

Medivoice: 😅One comrade down. So, what is your perception of life?

POTW: It’s what we reach out for we get in our lives; Life isn’t one bed of roses unless you were born with a golden or diamond spoon o, also hard work does increase luck exponentially.

Medivoice: Thanks for these words. Who would you love to give a shout-out to

POTW: Shoutout to the stalwart class🥳! To my class rep and friends: Tinoh, Tosin, Toyin, Adeola, etc. Shout out to Group D members!! Fakz, IweTobi, Tofunmi, Timmy, Nafisat, P. Elijah, Lolade, Eniola, Jide, Paulo, Dami, K-Boi, Fidelis, Debby, Japheth, Emmanuel, Mildred, Ex-Machine, Ebenezer …❤️💯I had to list everyone off-hand, you guys make doing Clinical1 fun😂😂

Medivoice: I hope they all get to read this🤗🤗. Lastly, do you have any last words for Medivoice?

POTW: Medivoice has been doing well oiiiiuinnn…Big thumbs up to Bolu, Ebenezer, Olaitan Somi,.. and every Medivoice member. And parting words to every other Ifumsaites;
Medical school is a phase that we’ll pass through and will pass through us. Make the best of it. Thank you.

Medivoice: 🤭🤭🤭I am blushing on behalf of Medivoice. Thanks so much for the comment Miss Idowu Dolapo Esther. And to our readers, hold those last words tight. Thank you for this wonderful session. It remains my pleasure to have you here with us.

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