Personality of the Week: Oni Marvellous Olamide

Medivoice: Hellooo!! Who’s up for an interview today?

POTW: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I’m Oni Marvellous Olamide. People call me O.M.O or Omo(as in the detergent😂). I’m a third year medical student and also an entrepreneur. First of three children. I love the colour blue, and sometimes, I’m a Man Utd fan😂.

MediVoice: Awwwwn. Such a detailed introduction. You love blue, that makes two of us. And not to forget, I’m a man united fan too😂 — when necessary though. OMO, what state so you hail from?

POTW: I’m from the city of brown roofs, Ibadan, in Oyo State.

MediVoice: Wow… omo Ibadan! Mo kin yin oo. So, do you currently hold any office in IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes, I’m currently serving as the Treasurer of IFUMSA.

MediVoice: Omo! Money bag, it’s plenty for you ooo. That’s a good one. OMO, what do you do to pass time?

POTW: Reading, Planning events, Making money, Volunteering, Seeing movies

MediVoice: (laughs) the money making part got me. Now I see why you are the treasurer 😁. You are also in the movie geng, that’s cool. You do quite a lot to pass time. Nice. What outfit do you love to appear in?

POTW: Trousers!!!!!! Any form of trousers. Though, you will almost always see me in jeans and top😂😂.

MediVoice: Very nice choice you’ve got there. Simple and comfortable. Next on the line: (chuckles) what’s your best and worst course in college?

POTW: Worst will be Anatomy. Best will have to be Biochemistry🥺🙈

MediVoice: Babe!! We are from opposite ends of the world.😂. Can’t be biochemistry for me. Well everyone has their preferences. OMO, any idea why you were chosen as the POTW?

POTW: Lol, shall I say I have no idea?😂

MediVoice: Oh yes! You shall. (Laughs). Apparently because you are an ifumsaite. Do you have any departmental crushes?

POTW: Nope😂

MediVoice: Ouch!! Wahala for who thinks she is crushing on them oo😂😂. It is what it is. So, OMO, why did you choose medicine of all courses?

POTW: There’s the respect that comes with being a doctor. Then also it’s what I’ve always wanted, can’t think of any other course I’d rather study.

MediVoice: I know right. I usually also wonder where else I could be if not medical line, and some other times I’m like who sent me here? (Laughs). Oh yes, the prestige can’t be overlooked. Next up: Can you share any weird experience?

POTW: Can’t think of any o.

MediVoice: Oh cool. What’s your best dish?

POTW: Jollof rice.

MediVoice: Another thing we’ve got in common. Jollof rice has a way of whetting appetite even just on seeing the word. What country would you love to visit if you are given a free ticket?

POTW: Dubai

MediVoice: Awwwwwn. Such a beautiful place to be! One day, we will go there. OMO, how do you get to balance your academics with your business?

POTW: Omo! It’s basically getting your priorities right. Know when to do stuff and know when to stop.

MediVoice: Simple and apt! As OMO, what’s your philosophy of life?

POTW: No one ever got anything from sitting around and “hoping” you have to put in work. Faith without works is dead.

MediVoice: Very true. It’s the last part for me. I don’t know why I waited long before this. Anyways better late than never. OMO, are you in a relationship?

POTW: No oo, I’m as single as they come.

MediVoice: All the single ladies…all the single ladies… All ye admirers, you can shoot your shot oo. So, where do you see OMO in the next ten years?

POTW: One of the best Gynaecologist in the world, owning one of the biggest hospitals.

MediVoice: Woohoo!! Such a big but achievable dream. Do you plan to settle in Nigeria and make it better or japa?

POTW: Japa

MediVoice: No one wants to stay sha. What extracurricular activities do you engage in?

POTW: Business; I own a brand O.M.O Collections, a unisex jewellery store. Event Planning, Going on outreaches.

MediVoice: That’s so cool. Jewellery lovers in the house, here’s a plug. Who would you love to give a shout-out to?

POTW: A big shout-out to my gees, members of the Exypnos class and to everyone that supports me in one way or the other.

MediVoice: What would you love to leave us with?

POTW: You guys are doing an amazing job. Well done!

MediVoice: Awwwwn. Thank you so much. Pleased to have you too!

So see you guys in the next episode. Keep watching this space.

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