Meet Olateju Temiloluwa – The Rap Doctor

Medivoice: Welcome back to another exciting episode of Personality of the Week! This week, we have a part 6 chief with us🥳🥳🥳. He is no other but, Mr. Olateju Temiloluwa. It’s an honour speaking to a soon-to-be doctor,  can we meet you, sir?

POTW: First off, thanks for having me on Medivoice. You guys are doing well👏. My name is Olateju Temiloluwa. I’m from Ibadan, Oyo State.

Medivoics: Yayyyy✨✨✨Thanks for the compliment. The city of brown roofs… opoor!! So, do you hold any office within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: I’m the Clinical Coordinator of CMDA-Students Arm, OAUTHC.

Medivoice: Okay, that’s nice. How do you feel being in your last lap?

POTW: Hmm.. The feeling is good definitely.

Medivoice: Has to be…tori you have tarried long in the trenches 😂😂😂. In that same vein, how has med school been for you so far?

POTW: Med School has been beautiful. It was certainly different from what I expected it to be though but in all, it has been lovely. 

Medivoice: You never saw it coming😂😂😂😂. Med school is indeed a discovery. So, what has been your worst and best experience med school handed to you?

POTW: The worst experience in Med School was finding out that some of my colleagues when I was in Part 2 & Part 3 had issues, leading to their withdrawal from Med School. It’s a personal thing for me and it still hurts but thank God, most that I am aware of are doing great. The most exciting experience has to be passing my 400-level MB. Omo, that class get as e be.

Medivoice: Awwwwwwwwn…thank God they are doing fine now. God no shame them. That 400-level ehn…..hmmmmm. It is what it is, kashamadupe. Going further,  which would you pick – preclinical or clinical?

POTW: Definitely Clinicals. More practical stuff.

Medivoice: You get the vibes😂😂😂. Is it safe to say who preclinical help? Our chiefs in preclinical, don’t be deceived oo😂😂😂.  If you had a second chance, would you still pick medicine?

POTW: Yes🙃

Medivoice: Awon “medicine or nothing else” geng😂😂Ko easy. Enough of medicine, let’s come to your personal life 😂😂(clears throat). Mr. Temi Olateju, are you by any chance in love with a human bearing the double X chromosome? 


Medivoice: Hehehe…here comes the season where almost all our part 6 chiefs will say they are single. Izz okay…😂😂. Next, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

POTW: Bigger and Better

Medivoice: Play me “Bigger Everyday”. Moreover, is leaving the country part of the bigger and better plan?

POTW: The current state of the health system in Nigeria says it all🙂

Medivoice: You people should stay and serve humanity now, let us better the current state abi? That aside, when you are not a student, Mr. Temi Olateju, what can we find you doing?

POTW: Having a nice time with my musical instruments. 

Medivoice: Wahala for who no get musical instrument oo.. That’s nice. If you were given 100 million dollars, would you leave medical school?

POTW: C’mon now, this shouldn’t be a question😂. 

Medivoice: Ahh😂😂😂What happened to “life is not all about money?” So, share 3 fun facts about you.

POTW: i. I’ve composed over 70 songs😃

ii. I can rap😎

iii. In my Part 3 MB Anatomy, I intentionally didn’t answer about 35  questions, out of 40 Neuroanatomy questions because I was afraid of negative marking, but I did not spoil the ones wey I read well😂

Medivoice: Ewwwwwweeeeeeeeeee😲😲😲😲. This number 3 na really fun fact oo😂😂😂Tori what??? Idan🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. Chief, indeed. What’s a life philosophy you follow? 

POTW: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

Medivoice: Beautiful✨✨. So would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

POTW: Watch a movie

Medivoice: Chop knuckles, Chief. Give a shoutout to your friends.

POTW: I don’t have a lot of friends but I have families. Shout out to my CMDA family, keep doing the Lord’s work and my Stalwart family, 7 years and counting with you guys has been amazing.

Medivoice: Awwwwwwwnn….Thank you on their behalf. Finally, your last words to Medivoice.

POTW: Thanks for having me Medivoice. Keep up the good work.

Medivoice: It is our pleasure and yes, we will surely keep up the good work.

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