Whims Of Emotions

In the labyrinth of the my heart’s deep ocean,

Where waves of feeling stir with wild devotion,

Blackhole of thoughts cause emotions dance and sway,

In the twilight, my dreams fly away.

It always ends this way, something replacing another

My feelings chasing away the shadows of my future

Fleeting as the morning dew, I lose my focus

Never, I will not fall into that trap, not again.

Desire, a heavy cloak of gray,

Weighs upon my being, come what may.

Tears like raindrops, softly fall,

Cleansing the resolve, answering the call of lust

Anger, a tempest, fierce and bold,

People think I have this in high proportion

Well, I do – however, in low quantity

What’s life without a taste of malevolence

Love, the sweetest of my possesions

In its embrace, my babe and I become a trio

It lifts us up, like wings to soar,

And in its light, we want for nothing more.

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