The Jabberwocky’s son

The Jabberwocky’s son
Was a great ugly to behold
But his mother loved him
Like only a mother could

She left him home one frabjous day
And then did the mother-in-law
Of jabberwocky’s son’s mommuh
Slice his face open, the tribal way
3 marks on his forehead,
3 for each cheek
And so the Jabberwocky spawn
Screamed and yelled
As he got thirteen tribal marks
For extra measure.
When his mum came and saw
What had been done to her son.
She yelled, “Oh frabjous day! Callow Callay”
What hast thou done to my son today”

She mourned and with
vorpal sword in hand
slew her mother-in-law
Before she could stand

But everyone who saw her son
Post the tribal marks incident
Thought he looked so much better
Because you couldn’t see his face

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