I'm Stuck in my Dream

A Bad Dream – I’m Stuck in my Dream.

This is a bad dream that I can’t wake up from It has become stuck like my skin is to my body I’ve grown to become a bag…

Otra Madre

Sometimes, I wish I could take a hold of Death’s scrawny neck. I’ll kick his skull off and hang his spine on a rack, I’ll break his knees…

Love Poems From a Hater

It is a well established fact that I’m a romantic at heart. Well, maybe not well-established, but established somewhat, regardless. In actual fact, most times, romance makes me…

Writer's block

Writer’s Block

The doorway to expression was shut.

The Jabberwocky’s son

But everyone who saw her son post the tribal marks incident thought he looked so much better because you couldn’t see his face.

A Stage Prop’s Romance or The Optimistic Friendzone Manual

Watch her violin eyelashes speak symphonies into the air and join every atom of the universe in applause.


His taunts are like blows that push me further downhill on the road to perdition

‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley: Poem Analysis

I control my own fate regardless of whatever might befall me. I drive my soul.

a second chance at love

I had always thought love wasn’t meant for me
— Until he came along

Power, The Beautiful Rose

I win the heart of the toughest, without a sword or battle.