February’s Special

Valentine's Day

Spending Valentine’s Day: Singles Edition.

It’s cuffing season, and love is aggressively competing with harmattan in the air. Valentine’s Day has almost become a national holiday. From the plethora of gift packages to…

Mi Amor

Mi amor, I want to talk about you all the time; To shout to the world that you are mine. If I could, I would paint your name…

Dating Coursemates —A Valentine’s Day Special

Hypothetically, let’s say your soulmate is in your class. Suppose you were meant to date your class rep or the guy who always dresses well; what then? Would…

Love Poems From a Hater

It is a well established fact that I’m a romantic at heart. Well, maybe not well-established, but established somewhat, regardless. In actual fact, most times, romance makes me…

What is in Love that You Can’t Let Go? – Couples’ Talk

All I see is uniqueness in relationship. They all had different reasons to stay commited to their relationships.

Val and Fantasies

I won’t lie, my defences have slowly started to crumble, he’s really likeable and damn cute.

What’s in Love that Makes Us Never Want to Let Go?

A love is a goddess with dazzling eyes and a rainbow face. A beauty with seductive demeanor and a mouth with irresistible smiles.

I Think I’m Kinda in Love with You.

“Well, for one I never thought I’d want to die to save any one before. But now…”