Dating Coursemates —A Valentine’s Day Special

Hypothetically, let’s say your soulmate is in your class. Suppose you were meant to date your class rep or the guy who always dresses well; what then? Would you consider dating him/her? Perhaps the same fate befalls your friend. What would you tell your friend about dating coursemates?

An in-class relationship is the most talked down topic of love ever. “What if we break up?” Wait, I have an interesting theory. “Uhm, what if you don’t?” Maybe dating coursemates isn’t so bad and we are just paranoid for nothing.

I have a crazy set of guys as friends, and one of them fell for a girl in his class. Everyone was against it. It didn’t make sense to eat where you shit, they said. But I didn’t see the issue.

“You will get tired.”

Haven’t you seen the nursing babes?”

“She will see you finish.”

The only maxim that holds weight is the nursing girls. Have you actually seen them?? Just kidding, do you; beauty is relative😅

Apparently, over-familiarization is an issue—It takes the fun from love. Classmates should be classmates, and lovers should be lovers; they shouldn’t mix. But who made those rules? Who said seeing ourselves every day will ruin the hunger at night? I mean, I would rather see the person I love every day than wait till I finish all my incourses. Plus, it doesn’t have to be every day. If you are like me, it is three times a week.

Who better understands you than a medical student? Who better understands why you are distant, tired, and sometimes depressed? We are often better sympathizers when we experience what others are experiencing. And can we ignore the numerous date benefits?

Dating coursemates comes with its perks. Revision night for upper and lower limbs doesn’t have to be boring anymore with scented candles and palpating. I keep forgetting the course of the femoral nerve; I won’t mind learning it on something (someone) that doesn’t smell like formalin.

For me, an in-class relationship is a win-win. You have an attendance signer, pleasure-giver and taker, partner, and BCH tutor in one person. Although I won’t be biased and say it is flawless, it comes with its issues. But don’t all relationships? If you can tell me the perfect construct for a relationship, I will listen and toss my idea to the bush. But I doubt you would be able to do that even if I gave you eternity to think up something.

Most people throw in-class relationships and dating coursemates to the dust because of over-familiarization. But if over-familiarization is an issue, then marriage is inherently flawed. If we run from the severity and watchfulness, we aren’t ready. A relationship is not just a walk in the park. It is a walk in the park with a lady; if you are a guy, you know how hard that can be. So why not treat relationship like the revered practice that it is!

The basis on which a relationship works is not on the situation but rather the person and connection. Because you hear bad stories of in-class relationships doesn’t mean it’s bad. I admit it is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it is not for anyone. I get that you don’t like the idea of getting called coconut head in front of your girl by Dr Àyọkà because you couldn’t define Meiosis. I know failing and your boyfriend passing isn’t exactly amusing when you are a couple either. But c’mon, it is not all that bad.

Try your hand at it; ask that D.E. student with brown eyes for their number. Take Folake on a date this valentine’s. Ask Adamu for a date this val— Wait, not Adamu, I mean Jide. Ask Jide for a date this Val. I heard he really likes chocolate.

But overall, have a nice FebYouary. Love is an equally dangerous thing regardless of where it grows. I will leave you with the words of an inspiring philanthropist and philosopher.

“Gbogbo wa la majẹ breakfast”

So àti in-class and out-class relationships, it is inevitable. Enjoy it while it lasts because it might not last.

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  • I must even comment on this one. It is too good for me to pass it by. And yes dating your coursemates has a lot of advantages. They can relate the most. Just make sure you’ve other friends too.

  • This is really nice. Very balanced perspectives. I believe dating your classmate is not much of a bad idea though. It makes a lot of things easier.

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