Spending Valentine’s Day: Singles Edition.

It’s cuffing season, and love is aggressively competing with harmattan in the air. Valentine’s Day has almost become a national holiday. From the plethora of gift packages to the different Valentine’s proposals everywhere, lovers are not taking it easy at all.

One would even wonder where single people will be in this whole affair. Some have even resorted to the ineffective method of wearing nose masks so the love in the air would not suffocate them. This is only a temporary solution for the “singlest of the single”. But who says that Valentine’s Day is not for the singles, too?

I’m here as the boo of the booless to provide the singles with various ways to be engaged on Valentine’s Day. No one must be left out! 

Galentines/Guyentines on Valentine’s Day:

Why spend the day with one person when you can spend with many more people? The shared camaraderie with a group of people of the same gender guarantees an enjoyable time and experience.

Valentine’s Day Parties:

Event planners and party throwers have provided an even better avenue to celebrate Valentine’s as a single person. From “single’s fiesta” to “fun and fiery night”, there are many exotic parties to attend and dance till your feet hurt. 

Church Programmes:

Trust the churches to get people engaged. If you don’t want to attend “The One True Love” in God’s Word ministries, you could be interested in “Am I in love?” in Hosanna Tabernacle, or you could even go to Ash Wednesday mass at St. John’s Catholic Church. 

Romance movies:

Immersing yourself in love stories and fairytales is another beautiful way of spending valentines. Whether you’re watching from the comfort of your room or in a cinema, you are assured of a great time. Some might argue that watching romance movies is not a good way to escape the love in the air, but it might just be the jolt you need to ask that girl/boy out. 

Valentine's day

Solo dates:

Valentine’s Day is another time to shower yourself with love and have a good time. This experience comes with a risk, though, as you might find yourself in a restaurant with too many lovers and get suffocated.

Try Academic Rejuvenation on Valentine’s Day:

Although love is in the air, exams are also fast approaching. You could spend the day reading through the notes and PowerPoint slides. You could use this day to revive your academics!

Valentines with MediVoice:

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If you’re not single and you’ve made it so far in this article, I can only advise you to take Ariana Grande’s advice and break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. In that way, the singles can breathe.

See you next year!

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