Writer Interview With Karima Olawole: The Semi-Shy Pen Maestra

Hi MediVoicers, nice to have you here again! It’s a good day to celebrate the writing culture. And today, we have Karima Olawole with us. The Valentine season is gradually approaching; what’s better than a well-crafted poem from a writer? Get yourself a writer date.

Karima is a seasoned writer and a K-Drama-swooning personality from the Tenacious Class. Her works border around life and love in medical school. Well, let’s meet her:

MediVoice: Firstly, before we unravel the wonder behind you, can we get to know you?

I’m Olawole Karima, a Part Three Medical student at OAU. I love reading, writing, watching Kdramas, and listening to music in the dark.

MediVoice: So, when did you start writing?

   I started writing at the age of seven.

MediVoice: What does writing mean to you?

   As someone who struggles with expressing emotions, writing has been very useful in overcoming that.

MediVoice: Additionally, what genre of writing do you like to write?

   Romance and Fantasy.

MediVoice: Who is an author that inspires you as a writer?


MediVoice: Furthermore, what is your favourite book?

   Right now, The Mindfuck Series. It offered a plethora of emotions, which I wish I could experience for the first time again.

MediVoice: Can you share your favourite writing?

   I’d rather keep it private.

MediVoice: Do you have a pseudonym? If yes, what’s the inspiration behind it, if no, why?

   Yes, it gave me more freedom to express and explore. It’s more of an alter ego.

MediVoice: So, can you give useful tips to people who want to start writing?

   Start small and build up. Even if you think it’s nonsense, write it down. There will surely be someone who makes sense out of your nonsense.

MediVoice: Lastly, how do you balance writing with medical school?

    I do what I want. Since I enjoy being in my own creative space more than poring over medical books, I ditch them and write when I want to.

So, MediVoicers, there you have it. See you next time, enjoy your valentine!

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