If You Fall in Love with Me

Before you fall in love with me, you need to know

1. I’m like the moon, I go through phases, but I always complete my lunar cycle and return to my bright self

2. I’m a people pleaser to a fault, all I want is to give my all, and when I’m invested in something, I’d rather lose everything good before even considering bankruptcy

3. I’m a veracious person. I smile by habit and not by choice. I laugh out of empathy and never to purposely annoy. I can’t even hide my feelings because I wear my big salty heart on my sleeve and let something slide 24467893 times before I decide not to give second chances.

But remember, there are two sides to every coin so if you fall in love with me, keep in mind that:

1. I’m like the moon, and in every lunar cycle, the moon disappears for a while too, and it has a dark evil side.

2. I’m a people pleaser, and all I want to do is pour. I’ll keep filling your glass until it’s overflowing and my cup has gone empty because to see you hydrated and blooming with life is all I could ever dream of in this world and I’ll keep doing so until I’m drained.

3. I’m a veracious person so when I tell you I’m in love with you, I’m all for you because I’m an all or nothing person, a tangled jumbled mess of contradictory things.

So if you somehow fall in love with me, I want you to know:

1. I’ll be head over heels for your smile, your giggle, the face you make when you’re embarrassed and the look in your eyes when I know you’re jealous

2. I’ll fall in love with your phases, both dark and bright and how you sometimes disappear when you’re angry and terrified.

3. I’ll fall in love with your pretence, how you tell yourself you’re not emotional even though your feelings are desperately trying to escape through the pores of your skin and the peculiar way you recharge yourself when you feel drained.

4. I’ll even love you after you’ve given your last second chance to someone else for the 1022nd time because I know you’re a tangled mess of contradictory things.

5. So please, don’t just fall in love with me because I’m not going to fall in love with just you. You’re too complex, too complicated. You’re not even human for you to be called simple and so all I ask is that if you fall in love with me, you’ll fall in love with my innumerable complexities too.

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