To Love Is to Lose A Part of Me (Poem)

A man in love

To love is to lose a part of me,

So, I am a half-empty basket

Weaved from outside to inside,

I am built anew

To love is to forsake,

The old life of Folake and Kemi

To commit, to always recite wa fe mi

I am changed through and through

To love is to travel

Visit new lines of thoughts,

Try new dishes and learn to smile

Sing her eulogies and run a thousand more miles

To love was to know you

Hold you

To see you

To love was you, and thank God I knew.

What does it mean to love? This poem epitomize the beauty of loving truly and fully. To love for this writer was to lose and be born anew. But what does love mean to you? We live in a world where love has been romanticize as easy or watered down as lust.

Love is not just the yearning or long eye contacts. And love is definitely not easy. Love is what remains when the light has gone out. True love is what prevails when all else fails. Love perseveres and hopes all goes well. It is dramatic, chaotic, and erratic. But love is also calm and solemn. Love is everything yet anything. Love is what makes the wheel run, but yet, the only thing that can make it stop.

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