Friendship Is Love

These days, an honest suggestion to remain good friends with someone over establishing a romantic relationship is judged as a damning remark and a cruel verdict because of a peculiar romantic culture we have inherited. This modern notion of romance has made it crystal clear to us that love is the supreme feeling and the only purpose of our existence. Friendship, on the other hand, is a relief package to assuage our love woes.

However, if we decide to examine modern romanticism and its association with love closely; if we were to judge love by its effect; the magnitude of our frustrations, the degree of our tears, maybe we wouldn’t rate romantic love as much as we do.

Most people in love reward their lovers with their worst moods, the most bizarre and unfair allegations and the most insensitive insults. Our innate response to small mistakes and minor misunderstandings is an outburst condemning the same person we love and cursing the day we met them, yet scenarios like this are rarely seen in friendships.

We know there is a limit to how much our friends cherish and respect us. So we put in our best to behave. Ironically, what many of us perceive as love has its real roots in pure friendship; rare quarrels and the genuine intention to understand and be there. Maybe it’s time we all realize romantic love isn’t all we paint it to be, and sincere friendly and non-sexual relationships are really underrated.

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