The mortifying ordeal of being known

On The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known

In an infinite world with infinite possibilities, every one of us has a reality where we have the perfect friend group. We have a close circle of friends…

Here’s What Good Flirting Can Do

A good flirt is a master safe-breaker. In the attempt to perfectly crack the vault of another’s affections without breaking it, he must carefully convince us of 3 seemingly contrasting things;

Is there really an end to being friend-zoned?

We crave that satisfaction from having a partner that shifts the bar on our relationship status to “in a relationship.” Sadly, the world isn’t fair.

Your Friends Hold the Key

But paradoxically, we can only get close to people by revealing these exact things, which are capable of inflicting unbearable humiliation on us in the long run.

Defining a Relationship

So, there are 4 things we might be trying to do with people we call our friends

Friendship Is Love

Ironically, what many of us perceive as love has its real roots in pure friendship

5 Simple Ways to Appreciate People

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. It makes people feel valued and raises their mood. We all have busy lives but that does not mean we should not take…