Here’s What Good Flirting Can Do

Too often, flirting is viewed like an absolute form of deception. To many, it is a devious attempt to arouse interest without genuine intentions. It looks scheming, more of promising someone sexual affection manipulatively but at the last moment, leaves its target tensed and embarrassed.

However, at its best and following specific rules, flirting can be an exciting way to spend time and derive pleasure.

So, the task at hand is not to stop flirting but to learn how to adopt its most likeable and harmless version. Safe flirting boils down to a simple attempt. It is an attempt to perceive what’s most attractive about someone without being manipulative about it.

A good flirt is a master safe-breaker. In the attempt to perfectly crack the vault of another’s affections without breaking it, he must carefully convince us of 3 seemingly contrasting things;
  1. They would love to sleep with us
  2. They won’t sleep with us
  3. The reason for doing so has nothing to do with any deficiency on our part.

A sincere flirt reveals a fundamental truth about intimacy. What’s truly satisfying about it isn’t just the physical act, but the feeling of being accepted by another person. It’s the idea that someone values us enough to accept us for who we are, even in our most vulnerable moments. This sense of acceptance and connection is more fulfilling than the physical sensations derived. A skilled flirt understands this and uses words to convey this feeling, which then offers a glimpse of the most gratifying part of intimacy.

Also, they are experts on how to correctly pin the fact that there won’t be sex. They flawlessly refer to genuine reasons why two people might not have sex, in no way giving any idea that the recipient of their sexual thoughts is disgusting or repulsive. For example, because one or both parties already have a partner, or maybe because of the simple lack of time, thus, freeing the recipient from shackles of ideas that imply that flirting is the only prelude to sex. They eventually accede to the story without the need to misconstrue it as manipulation on the flirt’s part or self-hatred on their part.

Flirting, when done right, can remind someone of their charm, without actually needing sex to validate it. It’s a way to show someone that they’re attractive, regardless of any personal imperfections.

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