Opinion on Separation: What X Made Me See

As much as separation in all spheres can come with some degree of friction and hurt, it makes us see things in an entirely different light

Here’s What Good Flirting Can Do

A good flirt is a master safe-breaker. In the attempt to perfectly crack the vault of another’s affections without breaking it, he must carefully convince us of 3 seemingly contrasting things;

Maybe You Shouldn’t Ask Them Out

Maybe you shouldn’t ask them out. Oyinkan Braithwaite did say, “Love is not a weed, it cannot grow anywhere it pleases.”

The Provider and the Customer

We are unhappy not really because we are in love with the wrong person but simply because we’ve been forced to grow up.


This is the sort of love that pauses and stop wars, suspends recriminations, calms furies, and gives civilisation continuance.

Defining a Relationship

So, there are 4 things we might be trying to do with people we call our friends

Excess Logic and Love

Sometimes, you need to relinquish your rationality for the sake of love

Dating an Eccentric Person

Perhaps, we should be comforted that we are leaving behind the “common and controllable” and we are sticking to the “uncanny, rare and unpredictable.”

Why People Cheat

Many times, infidelity occurs, maybe on grounds of uncontrolled urges, or just plain nastiness but that sometimes is very rarely the case. Sometimes, people cheat not just because…

Laws of Attraction

Theoretically, we are free to select the kind of person we want to fall in love with because we are not forced into relationships by social convention,