Dating an Eccentric Person

Whether at work, with friends or family, we are too often boxed in by the tiring requirements to fit in and accede to the predominant notions of what it means to be “good and acceptable”. Requirements which nevertheless hide a lot of our internal reality. There ends up being a lot we mustn’t act, feel, or say.

What a relief it understandably is when we are in the presence of someone who adopts a generally sceptical view on mainstream assumptions in the society. One who is considered weird but is still the same one we wish we would be able to break away with and express doubts about respected ideas of people and the normal rules of life.

The more we are honest with ourselves, the more we realize that there is much more inside us that might surprise or scare outsiders, that we possess a frightening degree of vulnerability, strangeness or folly. Our standard responses to prevalent premises may be shame and embarrassment, and yet, we silently crave to be witnessed and accepted the way we really are. Therefore, what we consider sexy and appealing is someone who has explored their own deepest selves with bravery and handled their own darkness and maybe be capable of extending such uncensorious views to us.

So, instead of feeling strange for falling in such love, perhaps we should be comforted that we are leaving behind the “common and controllable” and we are sticking to the “uncanny, rare and unpredictable.” I mean, what is life without a little bit of fluctuation and irregularity?

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