Why you may still be Single

The minor and subtle difference between getting a partner and being single may surprisingly be the former’s capability to come to terms and embrace their human flaws and genuinely work towards bettering themselves.

The one who is most likely doomed to eternal loneliness is one who fails to admit that upon close up inspection, we are sorely defective and must at first patch ourselves before life decides to gift us someone truly deserving.

Admitting that it is in many ways possible to be an extremely difficult person sounds unreal and unbelievable, even at some point, offensive. Yet, fully understanding and admitting to it might be one of the ways to ensure one remains a lovable proposition over a long time.

Being aware of the idea that we are in one way or the other deeply unbearable, seems like the most realistic way to start putting an end to painful momentary romantic attachments and to begin fruitful long term relationships.

Being asked to admit and recognise our flaws or defects isn’t a request to acknowledge something strange. What’s odd is to think that one is without any major flaw. Of course, we have some delightful qualities, but it doesn’t in any way cancel the fact that it’s going to be unavoidably hard for another person to live around us.

We need to therefore ask ourselves what specifically may be slightly crazy, desperate, or undeveloped in our characters and determinedly work towards limiting or reducing these bad and ugly defects. Maturity involves having a detailed answer to the question, “how difficult will it be for someone else to live with you?”

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