How to Identify Fragile Relationships

What’s the difference between relationships that endure the test of time, emotions and those that do not? How can you tell whether a relationship will last its course or whether it’s condemned to end eventually?

Here are some of the things to look out for in weak relationships:

Unrealistic about Love and Life

Partners in fragile relationships tend to be severely hopeful about love. They identify love with conflict-free unions. They don’t expect that once they find the person for them, they’d ever need to argue, angrily walk out of the room or be unnecessarily disgusted for the afternoon.

Inevitably, trouble emerges, but it isn’t seen as a sign that the love is truly advancing. Rather, to them, it proves undeniably that the relationship is, in every way, fundamentally flawed.

Low Self-Esteem

Someone with low self-esteem constantly doubts about their right to exist. Somewhere in the past, they’ve been profoundly impregnated with the impression that they don’t matter. They think their opinions do not count, and their feelings should be ignored.

When this person starts a relationship, they get hurt like everyone else, but they are uniquely deficient. They cannot transform their hurt into something understandable.

People with low self-esteem will rather walk away rather than talk or explain.

The Need to Prove a Point

Complaining intelligently demands an impression that not everything depends on the complaint being heard at that moment. Not everything is at stake during arguments. The partner hasn’t ruined or will ruin your life.

One, therefore, doesn’t need to seemingly nag or insist all the time.

One could always say what’s on one’s mind tomorrow or the next day when everyone’s had a bit of rest. Also, it’s fine not to be understood immediately you deliver your complaints.

A weak relationship includes partners who are intensely obsessed with making their point heard.

Hiding Your Vulnerabilities

It takes extra training and a solid inner dignity to not mind directing complaints towards things that seem childish or petty. With too much pride and fear, it can become incredibly difficult to admit that one’s been annoyed since lunch because your beloved refused to hold hands during the walk in the afternoon.

One has to fully recognize that it is completely fine to have these childlike yearnings and not be offended by them. It’s not really about the petty desires but the reassurance and comfort they symbolize.

It is not an achievement to act strong about one’s vulnerabilities and inherent wishes if we occasionally cry profusely behind the door, waiting to be comforted like a weepy upset child. We should be able to tell our partners what we want, no matter how odd or weird it may seem.

Noticing some of these signs in your relationship definitely means that it’s weak. It solely depends on you afterwards to either make changes or leave until you meet the right person.

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