The boy I met in summer school

AVERY: The Boy From Summer School

We met in summer school, which was the best part of my holiday. I’m Avery Turner, and here’s something about me– I don’t know how to fall in…

Get married or have a broken heart

Get married, they say, but marriage isn’t for everyone – Part 2 

“Get married,” they say. But is it for everyone? What if your apathy towards marriage is borne out of reasons you will regret later? d_blaze “Your biological clock…

Get married or stay single

Get married they say, but marriage isn’t for everyone

Undoubtedly, weddings are magical. The music, the laughter, the vows—all part of an enchanting celebration. However, the question lingers: is the lifelong commitment for everyone?

On unrequited love; in the event that love breaks you.

And In The Event That Love Breaks You…

…You take a step back, then you go again. With someone else. unrequited /ʌnrɪˈkwʌɪtɪd/ Today, I have brought to you a topic so familiar you have likely lived…

Building Momentum in your Relationship: Effective communication

Effective communication in every relationship is the foundation of a healthy relationship. This begs the question, “how well do we communicate?” or “Can we be better communicators?’. Whichever…

If You Don’t Want Breakfast, Don’t Cook —Heartbreak

I had always thought heartbreaks pretentious. Why would you cry because another human doesn’t want you any longer? ‘Till I got a taste of it.

The Fisherman’s Daughter

She wasn’t just The Girl From The Sea…She was Khanya. The light.

Relationships; when quantity trumps quality

it is those people you see every day and joke on irrelevant matters that you feel closest to


It is difficult to try to blend two lives without running against profound causes of compatibility frequently.

Meet Me in the Tallest Building Halfway Between Us

And thus would begin a ritual of yearly visits to the tallest building halfway between us