Personality of the Week: Adeleke Stephen Oluwatobi

Hii, can we meet you?

I’m Adeleke Stephen Oluwatobi, popularly known as Kepa. I am a member of the Unicus Medicos class.

Oh, nice. That nickname screams Chelsea. So, where do you hail from?

I’m from the prestigious Oyo State, Saki. The breadbasket of the Nation.

Typical Oyo indigenes; their pride in their origin is on another level, on top being the breadbasket. What will Benue indigenes now do? (Laughs). Do you hold any office in IFUMSA?

No, save being a member of the sports committee.

Nice — a good job y’all been doing. So why medicine, and OAU for that matter?

I chose OAU because, firstly I wanted to school far from home 😀 and secondly, I wanted to see the Greatness in Great Ife🌚. Then I picked medicine because I have always admired doctors and hate seeing people sick.

I am pretty sure you have seen the so-called greatness. Lol. If not medicine, what would it have been?

It has to be football or philosophy.

Worlds apart from medicine, not bad, though. So during leisure, what do you do to pass the time?

I play football games and read books sometimes (non-academic).

This love for football is strong oo. Shey medicine will not turn side hustle las las. (Laughs). Speaking of side hustle, do you have any side hustle, and how do you get to balance if yes?

Yes. I am a freelancer. During leisure, when I know I’m done jacking for the day, I do a few jobs. I also have a maximum time I spend freelancing. When exams are getting closer, I suspend it until further notice.

You have learnt the art of balancing, I see. So far, what has been your best experience in OAU?

Definitely when Chelsea won the 2021 Champions League.

Won de! All these Chelsea fans and bragging — they cannot help it. On the other side, what has been your worst experience in OAU?

When my phone was stolen in part one, a week to Zoo101 Exam… Omooo! E choke!

Omo! E gas choke. Not an experience anyone wants to have, especially in college. So, what is your best course in college?


Hmmm…Shana. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Driving slowly unnecessarily on the highway.

(laughs). Guy, no hurry in life oo, but actually, that could be annoying. To the big question: Are you in a relationship? If not, are you open to receiving shots?

(smiles). Not yet, but very soon.

Alright. So what is your philosophy about life?

Follow peace with all men.

Hmm…simple but encompassing. So far, what have you noticed in college that you’d love to be changed?

Improvement on how the mental health of students is being handled.

Seconded. Who is your inspiration in life?

That goes to my mum.

Mothers are just the best. So, any senior colleague you admire?

Yeah, I admire Jesunifemi of the Exypnos class. I love her calmness and composure.

What area of medicine do you wish to explore?


Omo! Wahala for who no know aspects of medicine oo. Whatever that is, it seems to be a good one to explore. Do you wish to stay in Nigeria or Japa?

For now, Japa is calling my name.

It is beckoning to us all. So who would you love to give a shout out to?

Sinmi, Blessjay, Ezekiel, Nonso and Vandijk. Y’all are the real MVPs

Thanks for honouring our interview. It was a nice one.

To my audience, thank you all for reading. I’d like you all to drop suggestions of what you’d want to know about IFUMSAites so that we can spice up our interviews. Thanks again!

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