Excess Logic and Love

It seems absolutely odd to imagine that people might get enraged by their lover because they were at one point during their routine discourses, proving too logical or reasonable. Almost at every point, we are immense lovers of ingenuity and rationality. How then could these highly revered ingredients become problematic in our love journey?

If we decide to consider this a tad sufficiently, our suspicions and anger can be perfectly reasonable. What we are basically seeking from our partners in our difficult moments is a genuine feeling that they completely understand what we are going through. Our partners may not be able to provide a solution to our tribulations, but the reassurance and comfort should help us get through. The deployment of an overtly logical stance during such moments may come off as an act of cruelty and nonchalance by the affected partner.

Let’s imagine a partner coming to complain to us about their fear of heights.

This may not seem exactly reasonable. The building is definitely not going to collapse. Strong iron bars are preventing us from falling to the ground. The building has been tested by experts over and over again. We may knowledgeably know all these, but they practically do not help our partner’s fright at that particular moment.

When we recount our worries to our partner and they respond with precisely delivered, unimpassioned and logical answers, it feels as if the cloyingly unneeded logic of the other person has made them look down on our concerns. It is not as if we want our partners to stop being reasonable. We want them to apply their intelligence to the task of empathy and understanding. We want to be understood, comforted and told everything would probably be okay.

So, yes, sometimes, you need to relinquish your rationality for the sake of love. Well, if you truly love the person.

I hope you learnt one or two from this. Gracias!! Till next time!!

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