Defining a Relationship

Too often, our many efforts at friendship lean towards going astray because we collectively resist the task of getting a clear picture of what friendship might really be about.

Friendship needs to be associated with purpose to make it a defined relationship and the more we define what friendship might be for, the more we can truly fixate on what we should be doing with every person in our lives. Also, it helps us explicitly conclude if we shouldn’t be with them at all.

So, there are 4 things we might be trying to do with people we call our friends:


We are small fragile constructions in a vast biological hub. Our individual abilities are completely inadequate to meet up to the demands of our plans and imaginations. So, of course, we will need collaborators and colleagues with complementary capacities and energies.


Our existence is frequently troubled by terror and agony. We are, most times, at the edge of disgrace, danger and disappointment and so, we direly need people who’ll sympathize and be sensitive to our follies and troubles.

3. FUN

Despite the fact that life constantly reminds us to be serious, protect our dignity and identity so as to pass as mature adults, the burden of expectations sometimes can become exhausting and on the end even perilous. This is why we need access to people who are silly and dumb with us and trust us enough to do the same.


Too many times, our minds are fated with innumerable plans and life schemes, that we end up confused about many issues and situations. We get angry because we are not sure why something is wrong with us but we cannot really pin it down. So we, of course, need friends that’ll help our dilemma by asking gentle but probing questions that’ll help greatly in identifying out specific problems.

One side effect of precisely defining our relationships with people is that we are likely to conclude, that in many cases, we are spending time with people for no truly identifiable good reasons. These people share none of our ambitions or interests and we should dare to deploy strategies of utter ruthlessness and weed them off completely.

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