5 Signs That Show You Should Leave a Relationship

Relationships can be tricky, they are amazing when they are going well but when something happens and you are on a rocky road, they can be painful. If you’ve been with someone a long time, you can start to get stuck to a routine. You might not necessarily notice the behaviour of the other half because it is becoming a norm to you. Taking a step back and looking at your relationship from a different viewpoint can be really beneficial and help you gain perspective.

There is no perfect relationship, even the happiest of couples have arguments, disagreements and temporary breakups but there is a time you have to look at your relationship without tinted glasses and see if those small arguments are escalating into massive rows. Sometimes, you might have to leave a relationship and put yourself first to be happy and this article provides signs that show when it is time you should and have to leave a relationship.

You’re Consistently Unhappy

Any relationship be it friends, family or romantic should bring you happiness. You should look forward to seeing your partner and spending time with them. Obviously, you can’t be consistently happy in a relationship because that is not realistic but you should feel supported, safe and loved. If you start to feel consistently unhappy, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if it’s you or maybe it’s your partner. It is good to understand why you are feeling unhappy so you can either fix the problem or choose to leave. There is no shame in admitting that your relationship isn’t offering you the same support and contentment that it once was.

Travelling on Different Paths

Sometimes, you can start a relationship in one place but as you grow, you can change mindsets. Long term relationships can be great as you grow and change with your partner but sometimes, you can grow and change at a different rate to your partner. If you’re moving in different directions to your partner, it can be difficult to navigate a relationship. Also, if you’re in different places emotionally. You might not want the same things. In this case, it is best for both of us to separate amicably.

Lack of Support

In a relationship, support is key. You want to believe that your partner believes in what you’re doing and is behind you 100% but if that support isn’t there, you can start to feel let down and unfulfilled. Emotional support is also important. If you’re not feeling that in a relationship, it can be damaging and can also affect your happiness. If you don’t feel that your partner is interested in you and is behind you all the way, then it might be time to consider having a conversation about your relationship with your partner.

Abuse of any sort

By this, I mean emotional, physical or sexual abuse. If your partner has abused you in any way, it is a clear sign that you should at least consider leaving. Abuse is very damaging and the abuser can often try and convince you to stay in the relationship. If this is the case, then you should leave for your own safety. It can be difficult to leave a relationship like that so you reach out to family and friends and seek help.

Lack of Trust

The foundation of all relationship should be Trust. The trust between you and your partner should be strong, if it isn’t, that could make you doubt their actions. As a result, this could possibly lead to jealously. If you don’t trust your partner, you should work on it and try to rebuild it. Losing trust is often a sign that something is wrong within your relationship and you need to address it. However, if you’re past the rebuilding phase, maybe your partner betrayed your trust too many times, leaving the relationship could be a possibility. There is no shame in admitting you can’t be in a relationship with someone you do not trust.

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