The Man in the Glass

There is a reason we face and endure the mundane and sometimes bleak hours of this thing we call life.

There is a reason we crave for sunrise and early morning bird songs, a cause to keep on fighting, smiling through our pains and surviving this hellhole we live in.

So what is it we want the most? What is it we desire? What are these things that push the thoughts of suicide away from us and put down the knife? It’s funny how a man stuck in a piece of glass is the only one with the answers to these questions.

The fellow whose desires align with yours is the one staring back at you from the glass. His wishes are your aspirations, his yearnings, your goals, but he won’t reveal them only if you listen to all what he has got to say. He won’t budge unless you give him the same amount of love you give to others. He is the one to please, his instructions to follow, never really minding the rest for he is the only one who’ll be with you till the end.

Finding and knowing your desires is almost synonymous with getting or achieving them. But again, Realising them is perhaps the most difficult, and dangerous test you’ll ever write, and the answers lie in the hands of the man stuck in the glass, and all you have to do is make him your friend.


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