meeting me.

Today I came upon myself,
At the door of my house
When I least expected it
And so I invited her in
This stranger I’ve known
She came with a proposition,
All of her own.
Begging to make me love her,


Like she had begged others
Before me
She said we would
Make an advantageous match
Me and her, her and me
Us and we
I hesitated, of course.
Why should I?

She had failed me
Time and again
Why should I love her again
“Assurance,” she said.
You can only be sure,
Of my sincere love.
I’m not too sure about this fellow,
She’d whore her love away
For the slightest validation

We shook hands,
On an inconclusive deal.
And as I kissed her goodbye,
And told her,
To come again tomorrow.

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