Her special place

It was her special place, this forest, an epitome of nature’s bliss

Whenever she had a rough day, she gained comfort in its peace.

The breeze, the squirrels and the stream
the birds, the trees and the sun’s beam

all blended in beautiful green harmony

but the embers of a cigarette rendered it a cacophony

flames grew engulfing beauty and leaving ashes

She watched the ghastly inferno, the crackling sounded like sword slashes

cutting down and breaking apart
this place so dear to her heart

Two years, three years, four years, five

Brown still stood in place of green, the land barely alive

She longed for the only place she could scream out her lungs

She missed the green hugs and the warm kiss of the sun

She did her research, got help and cultivated the land

Everyday she returned home with very dirty hands.

The first tree she planted, she separated from the rest

One year, two years..six and her special place was back at its best

Here she found her passion, here she found content

So she became an ecologist,one with noble intents

One day while enjoying nature her son’s curiosity was piqued

” What’s so special about this tree, why is it so unique?”

“Why do you think this place came to be?” She asked him

” Your passion,your hard work your determination and grit”

” That’s all true but it all started from wanting it

So I call the first tree Desire – the mother of my special place.”

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