August’s Special

meeting me.

Today I came upon myself,
At the door of my house

a second chance at love

I had always thought love wasn’t meant for me
— Until he came along


I want you in my mindsmothering my every thoughtsI want you in placeseven the most gifted of surgeonswould never think to dissectI want you everywhereall over me, all…

Her special place

It was her special place, this forest, an epitome of nature’s bliss Whenever she had a rough day, she gained comfort in its peace. The breeze, the squirrels…

Of deep, dark depths

I like to believe I’m not stupid.But whenever I walk by open wells.I feel like jumping inInto the deep, dark depths,I’m not suicidal, no.But my body craves the…

The Man in the Glass

There is a reason we face and endure the mundane and sometimes bleak hours of this thing we call life. There is a reason we crave for sunrise…

Your Heart Desire

A short poem What does your heart desireWhat thought sets you on fireWhat makes you to pespireThat you want to acquire Though you’re down in the mireAnd they’ve…