Meet Delight Olawale-Success Of The Tenacious Class

It’s that time again when we explore the personalities of our amazing IFUMSAites. This week, we get to meet Delight Olawale-Success of the Tenacious class. She is the CEO of Deeda Designs, a clothing brand that merges unique creativity with modesty.

MediVoice: Hello Delight, or rather CEO Deeda😂. Can we meet you?

Delight: Hellooooo I’m Delight Olawale-Success, I won’t claim CEO sha😂. So let’s say I’m the Creative Director of Deeda Designs, a fashion brand. I’m from the tenacious constituency. I love music and the colour purple💜

MediVoice: You founded a brand with a unique vision, was there a propelling factor to your brand?

Delight: Yeah. In the world today, there’s nudity everywhereeee🫠and a lot of people think modesty isn’t beautiful. I then thought of creating a brand around modesty.

MediVoice: A fashion brand that embraces modesty, that’s cool!! How has your medical school journey been so far?

Delight: Well, if I was asked this question in part 2, I’ll probably be here ranting😂. Thankfully, I’m in part 3 and it’s looking “soft”. Y’all looking at me likeeee😂. Okay, it’s not too “soft” but definitely easier than part 2 and with a lot more stuff to read🙂.

MediVoice: Let me just chip in that her definition of soft is the synonym of shege😂. Are you involved in other activities aside from medical school or you’re the delayed gratification type?

Delight: Like I stated earlier, I have a fashion brand. I don’t believe in doing just medicine, that’s boring😂 but it’s definitely not easy to run a brand in this medical school.

MediVoice: I agree, it’s definitely true that medicine is a jealous lover. How do you manage medical school with an active business then?

Delight: Firstly, I have it at the back of my mind that my mates have more time than I do. So, any time I have to read, I read. Also, I mostly do my business activities during the day and use my midnight to read. So I can’t play too much when my mates are playing🫠. Also, God is my help, so I can’t fail😌

MediVoice: What keeps you pushing in life when you want to drop it all and give in?

Delight: Past goodness of God to me🥹. Friends too🫶

MediVoice: Wow… You must have the best kind of friends, mine just send me funny videos and try to bill me😂. Can you point out your most exciting and worst moment in medical school?

Delight: An “exciting” moment in college is probably when a class is cancelled (you’d probably think I’m not serious😂). A not so good moment in college was when we had back to back Incourse in part 2. We had BCH and then histo&embro the next day🥲. Damn, I read on the road that morning of histo&embro😂🤲🏾

MediVoice: I can remember lol… Those shege periods😂. Would you still pick medicine if you had a second chance

Delight: Yes, the stress and struggle is much. But it’s still a yes🙂.

MediVoice: The tenacity🙌. Reminds me of what they say, that medicine is a calling not just a career. What would you say is the greatest gift medical school provided you with?

Delight: Good friendsss🫶

MediVoice: Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Delight: My class rep, Blessing, Peter, Grace, Promise and my classmates🫶

MediVoice: If you were offered 10million dollars to quit medicine, would you take the offer?

Delight: Looks quite tempting considering the dollar to naira exchange rate😂, but, no thanks. I’d rather enjoy what I’m doing than the money

MediVoice: Some of us would take the money option though (just saying🌝). Which option would you choose to relax, read a book or see a movie?

Delight: Definitely a book, I love reading (non-school books sha😂). Movies get boring to me when it gets too long.

MedVoice: Any last words for our readers?

Delight: You are doing well, just keep on being intentional and the results you have in mind would become a reality✨️✨️

MediVoice: That touch my heart😫. Thank you so much for your time Creative Director Deeda, it was so nice having you!

If you would like to connect with Deeda Designs, click here. To read more personality of the week interviews, click here.

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