The piquant aftertaste of Regret’s dish lingers on my taste buds
Sending a barrage of emotions down the tunnel to my subconscious
Feeding the demons that lurk in the shadows
Eating me up from the inside

Like the ageless dance between the spider and its prey
Regret sticks his straw at the core of my vitality
Sipping away with every reminiscence

His talons reach for the switches of sanity in the deepest trenches of my soul
Flipping them flippantly
With a huge grin plastered across his hideous face

He plagues me with nightmares
Of abysses and bottomless pits
He pokes me so hard I feel my bones crush under his touch
His taunts are like blows that push me further downhill on the road to perdition
So I figure the only way out of his prison
Is to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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