Love and Bug Tales.

He asked me if I would still love him
If he showed me who he really was,
I told him we all fight beasts within,
And we are not our monstrous wars

And that’s our love story for the bards,
The reverse beast and half a beauty.
Our love was something special, and so
His real self he at last let me see.

Transformed right before my eyes into,
A mosquito the size of my love.
Proboscis the length of my arm, wings
Fragile, delicate, chitin so tough.

“My love,” I whispered and
In response, he buzzed my name.
But I took my baygon and
Sprayed him down all the same.

Werewolves, vampires I could comprehend,
A cute monster maybe have for mate.
But blood sucking parasites who at
Night prey on humans I can’t tolerate.

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