On Time

Looking back on pictures of childhood, one wonders, “is that me?” Funny how we thought we would live forever, how our 20s, 30s and 40s were far into the future. Very far.

But now that we are old enough to know what we want, what goals we want to achieve, there never seems to be enough time. The tasks we have to perform only appears to pile up.

In spite of this, one has to remember that the top of the ladder isn’t the end of the world. That the hats we wear do not define us. That who we are does not depend on what we do.

Time is that friend you do not trust with secrets you hold dear. You do not know if they would keep them, or share it with the next person willing to listen. You cannot predict what would happen tomorrow, would everything go as planned? Or not.

But as we keep running the race of life with no clear tracks, we have to remember to take breaks. Little gulps of water, swift gushes of air. We have to remember to live.

Lord, teach me to discern
tender moments, minor moments
that pass innocuously into the world.

Dr Dami Ajayi
(excerpt from Ayo’s dance)

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