Love and Gravity

love and gravity depicted by an apple surrounded by a universal force. all copyright belongs to Carol Johnson

I stand as a make shift Newton observing love and gravity…

His was a fast falling

The gravity of her presence undeniable

But she denied his pull and calling

Her inertia undefiable

His hellos met with goodbyes

Causing distance inverse to his will

But for love he continued to try

Gravity hard at work still

Hers was a slow falling

An apple in an unsure wind swinging

Till she could no longer deny his pull and calling

And the force of his love set her inertia dwindling

No more running ,no goodbyes

She fell in place as the apple of his eyes

Theirs was a sure falling

Love and gravity combined

Powerful and undeniable

Space and time aligned

Their destiny inescapable

Delayed but not denied

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