Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Beyond the Seeming Glamorous

Some will describe their digital nomad lifestyle as inspired by a lifelong sense of wanderlust. The alluring prospect of exploring new places and experiencing life on one’s terms. But lately, many are pulling back leaving others curious about why.

Without a doubt, staying in a place for too long could become unexciting with time. No one wants boring; so the digital nomad lifestyle becomes a few people’s go-to.

For some, their sojourn began pretty early. Perhaps during their teenage years. There are also stories of people putting their career on hold indefinitely to explore the world. Apparently, it all comes down to how much you desire to get lost in Earth’s vastness.

The point of Digital Nomading varies for different individuals. But is it rose-coloured as the thought? There is a need to clarify these misconceptions.

What’s Working Like?

What probably popped into your head is the picture of you working from a beach, a fancy cafe with a cup of coffee by the desk, or from hotels with catchy landscapes.

Hate to break it to you, but working in these places is often impossible. Most of these sites house distractions, unless you aren’t up to something entirely serious. Realistically, you’ll need to be a lifeguard or a receptionist to work at/from the beach or hotel.

Loneliness Will Hit

While we romanticize the idea of eloping, we often forget how easily lonely it can become. Since the pandemic, working fully remotely has been normalized. Yet, post-COVID many have resumed back at their workplaces.

The truth remains that not many people around the world work 100% remote. Those that do while traveling the world make a very small percentage. There are options of workstations or meetups where you get to meet folks like yourself. However, after a few days or less, you head back to the next location. 

Your second hobby is almost commuting and it never ends. You don’t make lasting friends and you’re far from family. Even when you make deep connections, it doesn’t matter because everyone moves on eventually.

Sometimes, the Cuisine Sucks

Yes, you heard that right! Not all Instagram-worthy dishes are actually as they look. After a while, you might remember your home cuisine and pray some sort of food outlet around you dishes it. 

Arguably not the same for everyone. But it’s normal, and you won’t resonate with every sumptuous-looking plated dish. This is a deal-breaker for some, and quite understandable!

Digital Nomading Isn’t Vacation

It’s important to establish that the digital nomad lifestyle differs from tourism. Many who take the leap into the former and opt out after a while might have had a problem with perception.

Yes, being the travel-sort-of mobile is conceivable as tourism. However, it is not always that. You’re not doing much adventuring. You have a normal work schedule and are almost buried in your screen.

You might clock out and find yourself in Thailand the next morning. It is just what digital nomading is. It’s crucial to note that it isn’t an explicit vacation, hence you shouldn’t be distracted.

Think of it as a borderline vacation and work. But in reality, the latter often overshadows the seeming tourist feeling. 

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