Breadcrumbs of affection (a poem)

A poem about Breadcrumbs of Affection, by Ravanjie

girl looking at the back of a boy as he walks away leaving breadcrumbs on the path
Breadcrumbs of Affection

You keep tossing  little breadcrumbs 

Of affection my way.

You leave a tiny trail of tiny

I press each piece to my lips like Communion

Pressing it again the roof of my mouth

Like it is the body of a God.

And I follow your trail,

Hoping it would lead me to your gingerbread home

Each piece you toss my way

Leaves me dreaming of what it would be like

To be loved fully by you.

Mansions and temples in the cloud where my head is.

So I gather handfuls of breadcrumbs,

And try to make a meal.

There is no banquet too abundant,

For a starving woman.

Someday, I will take one look

At your meagre offerings,

Festering and spoiling

And let them all fall from my hand.

My hands, so ready to give all my love to you.

I will walk away

To feast on my own love.

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