IFUMSA – a community of brilliant minds and captivating personalities unexplored. Get ready as Medivoice introduces you to the amazing Esther Afolabi, a standout in this vibrant community.

Medivoice: Hiii, Miss Esther, or should I say Queen Esther😂. So, first things first, we at IFUMSA would love to meet you. Shall we?

POTW: I’m Esther Afolabi, a 600L medical student in OAU. Born on the 25th of October, and I’m from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Medivoice: Whoooshhhh!!!! Final year student in the house!!! Drum rolls🥳🥳🥳. It is a beautiful thing to have you here. Furthermore, Miss Esther, do you hold any office within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes I do. I’m currently the Director of Competitions for IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club (IQDC), School Ex-officio of CMDA OAUTHC – Students Arm, co-founder of an NGO, and recently a block rep for the 600L block in Gloryland hostel, OAUTHC.

Medivoice: Capacity! 🙌🙌🙌. Compared to other classes, how does it feel like being in final year ma’am?

POTW: It feels great! Reflecting on God’s mercy and help these past years and trusting His help for this remaining phase is wonderful. I’m grateful for the memories made too.

Medivoice: God did and is doing🙌🙌🙌. So, would you describe how med school has been for you so far?

POTW: Hmmm. Med school has been a whole chapter of my life. Building relationships with medics in different classes and other schools, trying to balance medicine with your personal life, yunno, hoping that you’re doing what you should be doing, also talk of the resilience and discipline it builds in one. There’s a lot actually, but I’m grateful God has been there from the beginning, and grateful for my family and friends.

Medivoice: Med school is even a book on its own oo. But we thank God for keeping things running smoothly. Meanwhile, In your experience in med school, what is an event you’d point out to be your worst and most exciting?

POTW: Worst experience, lemme say 400L before MB, getting to see my incourse score a few days to MB and it was the worst ever score I had gotten in my whole university life. Ah, I cried well.

My most exciting experience will be serving in CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) and attending CMDA conferences. I met medics from other schools, far and near and they were a beautiful part of my med school journey.

Medivoice: College and making people cry 5 and 6. Thank God for CMDA, and its networking opportunities. Would you rather pick preclinical or clinical?

POTW: Hmmm. Can I say both? I’d pick both actually, cos they kinda balance out their pros and cons for me.

Medivoice: Okay, so if you had a second chance will you still pick Medicine?

POTW: Yes. 

Medivoice: Idan🔥🔥. Medicine is not for the weak. Moving further to the love department, do you have any college crush?

POTW: None

Medivoice: Sharp!! Meanwhile, do you have a celebrity crush?

POTW:Priscilla Shirer, Brandon Lake, Tauren Wells, Lecrae, Taya Gaukrodger, to mention a few.

Medivoice: Wow, na celebrity pack all the crush bayii. On the other hand, are you in a relationship?

POTW: No, I am not.

Medivoice: OKKUUURRR!!! To all Miss Esther’s admirers, Medivoice has made the task easier for you, do what you’d do with that info😂😂😂. Furthermore, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

POTW: Being where God wants me to be. But if I may say, I see myself doing Public health (my dream specialty) and social impact work, God willing.

Medivoice: Public health na the way oo. May God continue guiding our paths. In this plan of yours, is japa. plan featured?

POTW: If it’s in God’s plans. I don’t have a fixed mind on it. 

Medivoice: Great place to be at. So, when you’re not being a student, what can we find you doing?

POTW: Volunteering for social impact work and doing my extracurricular activities, reading books, writing, watching YouTube.

Medivoice: Capacity again🙌🙌. Even your extracurricular activities are capacity-filled. Well done, chief. Take the case of being offered 10 million dollars to stop studying Medicine, would you take the offer? 

POTW: 😂😂 see temptation. But no, thanks. After all these stress ke. Plus your certification is for life as well.

Medivoice: Ahh😂😂what happened to ‘money answers all things?’ Anyways, our eyes are fixed on the goal. So, can you share 3 fun facts about you?

POTW: I smile by default.

I have only two names but gave myself an Igbo name.

I love cartoons and cereals.

Medivoice: Omoo😂😂😂these facts are really fun 😂😂😂. This one you are tilting the Igbo way, is God saying something? 😂😂.  Further, what is a life philosophy you follow?

POTW: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. And then ‘Ubuntu’, meaning humanity towards others. I am because we are. 

I had to add this one.

Medivoice: Great philosophies✨✨✨. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

POTW: Read a book.

Medivoice: Awon bookworms, it is good sha. Give a shoutout to friends.

POTW: My day one gees – Mildred, my Twinnie Esther Babalola, Tobi Tunwase, Nuel, Orji and Gray, my sisters and friends – Tosin, Yemisi, Esosa, Bukola, Debby, my CMDA family, my ASF OAU family, my IQDC family and my Stalwarts family.

Medivoice: I hope they all get to see this. So, last words for Medivoice.

POTW: Medivoice is one club in IFUMSA that I would join if I had the opportunity to. You do amazingly well, and I am honoured to be featured on your blog. Thank you for the opportunity, and I wish you more wonderful feats ahead! Well done! ❤️

Medivoice: Awwwnnn… Thank you so much.  We would keep representing✨✨. Thank you so much for having us. It’s a pleasure having you. 

Consequently, if you would love to connect with Miss Esther, click here.

Finally, to our dearest readers, stay tuned for more exciting personalities. If the next episode is too far, you can read our previous posts here.

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