Meet Bolarinwa Praise Damilola of the Tenacious class

Bolarinwa Praise Damilola

Medivoice: Hey lovelies, Welcome to another wonderful episode of the personality of the week interview. Can you guess who we have with us? Well…, I wouldn’t want us to have headaches in addition to the ones developed from our various incourses and all, and for that reason, I’d like to save us the stress and allow the amazing individual that featured as the personality of the week to do the introduction. So, can we meet you?

POTW: I’m Bolarinwa Praise Damilola from the Tenacious class. I am from Awe in Oyo state. I grew up in Ibadan, so I like to famz ‘Ibadan’ as my town of origin😂

Medivoice:Amazing😂! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Ibadan peeps, (natives and residents alike) are very proud of their hometown. Back to the main gist, Do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: In IFUMSA, No. However, I try as much as possible to volunteer when I can. Outside IFUMSA, I hold a few leadership roles in CMDA and also my church. 

Medivoice: That’s great! How would you describe yourself?

Bolarinwa Praise Damilola : I’m a child of God. I am energetic, easygoing, and very fun to be with. Additionally, I’m your favorite ‘friend’ material.

Medivoice: I can attest to your friendly aura already, lol. Moving on, if I may ask, who is your role model/personal hero?

POTW: Jesus Christ and my Dad. Moreover, they both inspire me in different ways.

Medivoice: Wow, good to know that! Furthermore, is there a specialty you are looking forward to that appeals to your heart?

POTW: Absolutely! I am particularly passionate about music and aspire to become a renowned musician someday.

POTW:Well, I would love to be a lecturer, but then talking about practice, most probably Psychiatry.

Medivoice: Awesome! I am particularly amazed that you would take joy in imparting your knowledge to other humans. That’s very sweet of you. So, moving further, aside from medicine, What else are you involved in?

POTW: I play musical instruments. And I tutor too.

Medivoice: That’s cool. Which do you prefer: a book, a movie, or a theater play?

POTW: Book is even out of the option. Well, let me say a movie! It depends on what kind. Additionally, I like theater plays too.

Medivoice: Okay, but do you have a book or author that is your favorite?

POTW: I don’t like books😫! I’d rather do audio and video. However, I do enjoy listening to motivational speakers.

Medivoice: Ooh, okay okay, I get it😅! Now, onto the crush session. Who is your celebrity crush?

POTW: Ooiiiin…we don’t do such here. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the talent of many celebrities.

Medivoice: Lol, alright. How about a college crush?

POTW: Hmm, college crushes… Well, I do crush a lot, harmless crushes tho🤭. To mention a few; Seyi, Temi, and DOS(socials). Furthermore, they’re all wonderful people.

Medivoice:You definitely told the truth when you said you crush a lot😄. In addition, do you have (a) senior colleague(s) you admire?

POTW: Ooh yes, Dr. Emeka. That man too Sabi book😫. Ahhh! God when🤲!

Medivoice: I can relate. A lot of individuals are people of ‘God when’ in this IFUMSA, and we are inspired by them. Moving on, Are you in a romantic relationship?

POTW: No! At least, not yet😩.

Medivoice: It’s a matter of time(laughs). Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

POTW: An ambivert.

Medivoice: Alright. Going further, do you enjoy group study or do you prefer to study on your own?

POTW: Wow! Both of them have their respective importance. But if I must choose, I’d rather study by myself.

Medivoice: That’s fine. Let me ask, what are you most proud of?

POTW: My family❣️. I’m so blessed to have them.

Medivoice: Awwn, you are definitely a blessing to them too.

 What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

POTW: Stabbing classes or going late to classes😔.

Medivoice: A lot of us are guilty of this but we can always make changes. Can you tell me a fun fact about you?

POTW: I love to cook. Cooking is therapeutic for me. The hot steam, the heat, It’s everything for me.

Medivoice: That’s amazing! I don’t intend to be biassed but I’ve always heard that male cooks are usually the best cooks, but I don’t know how true(apologies to our female readers🙈). Furthermore, do you have a dream country for vacation?

POTW: Probably Korea. I want Soju, Ramyeon, Japchae, Kimchi, Street crispy chicken, etc. I’m basically going there for food.

Medivoice: Seems I can now see why you like cooking. You adore food😅. I like that.

What’s your perception of life?

POTW: Life is an opportunity given to everyone and we should ensure every second counts for what is right and we should also make it worthwhile for the people coming after us.

Medivoice: A nice perception you’ve presented there, and it’s evident that your perspective is also selfless. Furthermore, is there a particular question you have always wanted people to ask about yourself?

Bolarinwa Praise Damilola : At the moment, I can’t think of any specific question.

Medivoice: Okay. Give a Shoutout.

POTW: Shoutout to my Class rep and the assistant (Iyin and Sewa). A bigger shoutout to my Faj guys that are always gingering me to read – Akinola, Lateef, Richie ati bee bee lo😂).

Medivoice: I’m sure they are glad to hear it. In conclusion Praise, what are your final words for Medivoice?

POTW: Medivoice🤩🤩, You’re doing well. I truly enjoy all that you do💃.

Medivoice: We are pleased to hear that. It was a fun time conversing with you, and we are pretty sure our dear readers will have fun reading too. The curtain will be drawn here today to be undrawn another day. Remain safe and lovely😍!

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