Meet Adeusi Israel Ayomide – A Clinical One Student

Dearest readers, it is with great pleasure I welcome you to another episode of the POTW series. This week, we are turning the spotlight on Adeusi Israel Ayomide – a clinical one student. Join me as I unravel the different layers of his captivating personality.

Medivoice: Hi, Can we meet you?

POTW: I am excited about the privilege of having this interview. My name is Adeusi Israel Ayomide also known as Eazy. I am in the new part 4 class (Unicus Medicos) and I hail from Arigidi Akoko Ondo state. I am an easygoing young man as my nick goes, cool and calm. However, na small thing dey vex me😂.

Medivoice: Son of the soil, that town lasan😅. Eazy the easygoing man🙌🙌, it is plenty.  So, first things first, do you currently hold any office within or outside IFUMSA? 

POTW: No, presently I am not holding any position.

Medivoice: Okuuurrrr. Should I say second things second😅😅, that’s on a lighter note anyway.  I would like to get your opinion on med school, what does med school mean to you?

POTW: Medical school is a rollercoaster of ups and downs for me, sometimes I am excited I am getting to know more about the human body which I find intriguing. Another time I am overwhelmed with a lot to cover from books which can be nerve-wracking. Apart from that, medical school has taken away some parts of my life like time and sleep 😂. Nevertheless, curiosity has been my major drive from the beginning. I have gotten to adjust to the pain from the stress of medical school, I guess it’s stress-induced analgesia.

Medivoice: Small thing now, you have brought stuff inside😅😅, can’t y’all do life normal? Anyways,  may we know why you chose medicine and OAU for that matter, why not UNIMED?

POTW: Even though I had the intention to study medicine when I was a kid, I started having second thoughts because I was just an average student in secondary school. To cut the story short, it began when I told my mum I was no longer interested in studying medicine. She took me to a medical doctor in our neighborhood who at the time just finished OAU. He was able to persuade and rekindle my interest in medicine again. I wrote my first JAMB and saw I couldn’t get admission into medicine, I was given Animal science which I accepted then. I wrote my second JAMB, I had 327 and with that, I was able to get admission into medicine. 

 There are some reasons why I chose OAU. I chose it because it is Obafemi Awolowo University I don’t think I would have chosen it if it were still the University of Ife🤣. I hope you get that. Secondly, my physics Teacher in secondary school who graduated from OAU used to tell us some captivating stories about buildings on the OAU campus that caught my interest in this school like the Spider building, and amphitheatre. Spider is an eyesore now, since when has it been an eyesore?

Medivoice: Iwelabi🙌🙌🙌, cut soap for me average student dey get 327 in jamb? If you come be brilliant student nko, you go pam 400😅😅😅. As for the buildings, hmmm kashamdupe. If you had a second chance, would medicine be on your radar?

POTW: I will pick it over again but not in this country where a 6-year course is 6 + X ( where X is an integer not less than 1).

Medivoice: 😅😅😅Can never be… Not with what Nigeria has made us see. Going further, how has the clinical class been for you so far?

POTW: From what I am seeing, part 4 class is a real challenge and torture at the same time🥲. How will I be combining classes and posting from 7:30 am -5 pm Monday to Friday, sometimes Sundays and Saturdays are not spared, se fe pa mi ni?😭.    However, I am excited I would be getting to start the practical aspect of medicine, be on my ward coat, and also get to know more about the bedrock of Medical practice which are Pharmacology and pathology.

Medivoice: Good question oo…tori it is like part 4 is after students’ lives😭😭. As the popular saying goes, we would be fine laslas. What would you record as your most frustrating and exciting experience in medical school?

POTW: My most frustrating experience so far was a night before my Biochemistry MB exam. I had only covered 50% of the materials and I was really frustrated that night. 

I have gotten to meet a Consultant and a Resident who are my mentors who give me words of encouragement and motivation, which is quite exciting. 

Medivoice: You see that night before BCH eh, me sef I had my share, but thank God who ran things smoothly for us. In ten years time, Mr. Israel, where do you see yourself?

POTW: In the next 10 years, I see myself in the middle of my residency training.

Medivoice: You like book sha, only academics you can envision, no love, no flex😅😅😅. It is good sha. Is going abroad sha part of the plan?

POTW: Definitely the grass is greener on the other side, and the green grass is a chemotactic agent. Money apart, I would love to work ln a facility well-equipped  with advanced technology, reducing human error to the barest minimum which are lacking in this country.

Medivoice: You see that money apart eh, na the real deal..ka ma paro😅😅😅. But then, that aspect of good facilities also have a stake sha. If the going should get rough now, what will keep you, Israel going?

POTW: My goals, words of encouragement from my parents, motivation from my mentors.

Medivoice: Shoutout to them….asides from academics which you obviously love, what other things do you engage in?

POTW: Outside being a student I love playing football, seeing Barcelona matches but they have been a pain in my ass lately🥲. I  see movies too.

Medivoice: Movies, sports, academics, such a perfect blend. Moving on to the lovey dovey part, who makes your heart flutter in college?

POTW: I have a lot of crushes, I don’t want to start mentioning names because the list is long.🤣 

Medivoice: Question successfully evaded😅😅😅…Your heart should have crushed by now😅😅. In addition, are you single or double?

POTW: Single.

Medivoice: Dearest readers, if peradventure you have a crush on Mr. Eazy now is the time to shoot your shot oo. Let’s learn some funny facts about you, Israel.

POTW: I thought I was going to leave Barcelona when Messi left but I discovered i am emotionally attached to both Messi and the club and then my favourite snacks is Dodo😮‍💨.

Medivoice: We should charge anyone who does not love dodo to a court of law.😅😅😅Is there any life philosophy you follow?

POTW: Don’t think too much. Just do what makes you happy.

Medivoice: Safest place to be oo, because overthinking fit carry you where you no know. Let your friends know you love them by giving them a shout-out.

POTW: To all my friends, you all are the best. To all who are making this journey a seamless one for me, I love and cherish you all ❤ ️.

Medivoice: Any last words for Medivoice?

POTW: Thank you Medivoice for this wonderful session.

Medivoice: It is our pleasure. 

To all those who read till this place, thank you for sticking with us, keep drinking with us and we would never disappoint. You can connect with Adeusi Israel Ayomide AKA Mr Eazy here

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