Ajao Oluwatimilehin and Alimi Azeez Emerge Winner and First Runner-up at the Adejumo Kabir Essay Contest

The winners of the Adejumo Kabir Essay Contest were announced and awarded at the International Campus Journalism Conference which held earlier today.

Ajao Timilehin, a member of the Magna Medicos (100L) class emerged winner, alongside Alimi Azeez Oluwatobi (also from the Magna class) and Ayobami Olaoluwa Andrew from the Faculty of Law coming in second and third place respectively.

Few months ago, the Association of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University, launched the maiden edition of the Adejumo Kabir essay competition as a part of her 50th anniversary celebration.

The topic which was – “Increase in Tution Fees across Nigerian Universities: IGR generation or Standard Education”, presented an open ground for all OAU students to display their writing prowess.

In an interesting turn of events, students from the prestigious Faculty of Clinical sciences secured four seats out of the eight finalists.

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The winners of the contest bagged the sum of N30,000, N20,000 & N10,000 respectively.

Winners with the dignitaries at the event

We contacted the winners and they had this to say:

Ajao Timilehin

Well it is a mixed feeling for me. At first, I was indifferent judging from the fact that what prompted my participation was just the excitement and fulfillment that comes with writing and the research that goes into it. However, in retrospect and introspect, I am humbled, elated and emboldened by this ‘milestone’.

Well, I put in a good effort into this. However, as someone just starting out and at the thought of better writers who you thought would have better write ups, there exists a little self doubt. Imagine a five hundred level student of your department and even other departments in the same contest with a hundred level student.
In all, it was God’s help. And that I am conscious and most grateful for

Alimi Azeez

I’m very happy.

After several unsuccessful entries for several contests, winning this contest makes me very happy and it shows that now, I’m doing the right thing.

Posterity will pay homage to these Ifumsaites’ writing dexterity as they have made the entire IFUMSA community proud. We wish them the best in their future endeavours.

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