Personality of the week: Oluwabamise Omolaso

MediVoice: Hiii people, I have here with me a part 6 medical student. He’s quarter to go. Lol. So, can we meet you?

POTW: Absolutely, Yes! I’m Oluwabamise Omolaso. My friends call me IG_Bams. 

MediVoice: It is the IG_Bams for me. So IG_Bams, what’s your state of origin?

POTW: Osun State, Ikirun.

MediVoice: Awwwwn, omo Ikirun, it’s a nice one. Any office(s) held in IFUMSA? 

POTW: Yes. Chairman, IFUMSA QUIZ AND DEBATE CLUB. General Secretary, Gloryland Medical Students Hostel.

MediVoice: Omo!! Na you oo. Able chairman. Speaking of clubs, how do you feel about winning the award?

POTW: Winning the IFUMSA Organ of the year award is totally awesome and joy filling! I mean, since I joined the club in 200L, we’ve never won it. I really thought we were going to win it following our last tenure, but we didn’t. And finally got it this time! 

MediVoice: Wow!! I can imagine the excitement. It’s like something you have always desired for years just gets delivered to your doorstep. Tell us more about the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club and some of your achievements this past year.

POTW: Since I became chairman;

We had the following achievements:

  • Prof. Yomi S. Ogun Intercollegiate Quiz Competition (by Olabisi Onabanjo University Medical Students’ Association) 29th August, 2019 – 2nd Runner up
  • Drug Free Club Interfaculty Debate, OAU (2018/2019) – 1st Position
  • Prof. D.D. Oyebola Intercollegiate Quiz Competition (by Ekiti State University Medical Students’ Association) Friday, 29th, 2019 – 2nd Position
  • Prof. D.D. Oyebola Intercollegiate DEBATE Competition (by Ekiti State University Medical Students’ Association) Friday, 29th, 2019 – 1st Position
  • Prof. Ojuawo Intercollegiate Quiz competition (by Ilorin University Medical Students’ Association) 11th Dec, 2019 – 1st Position
  • Matthew Akinyemi Araoye Memorial Intercollegiate Quiz Competition by Association of Resident Doctors, Ido-Ekiti 11th Dec, 2019 – 1st Position
  • The Nigerian Medical Students’Association (NIMSA) South-west 2020 Intercollegiate Quiz Competition 6th Dec, 2020 – 1st Position
  • Matthew Akinyemi Araoye Memorial Intercollegiate Quiz Competition by Association of Resident Doctors, Ido-Ekiti 16th Dec, 2020 – 1st Position
  • Prof Adebo Quiz Competition by Bowen University Association of Medical Students June 23, 2021 – 1st Runner up
  • Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA) Special Recognition Award as Organ of the Year (2020)

Medivoice: Woah! That’s a lot! Kudos to you and all members of the club. So to pass the time, what do you enjoy doing? 

POTW: Surprisingly, my leisure keeps transforming from time to time, but basically, I love an environment that allows me to explore. I love learning new things primarily related to Medicine and Tech (I’m interested in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning) and business (money-making!)

MediVoice: Cool. Tech doctor and businessman. Nice combination. If you were given a chance to pick any outfit, what would it be? 

POTW: No specifics and not formal either. Casual and simple does it for me.

MediVoice: Casual and simple always delivers, no thoughts of the perfect match or socks to blend with the shoes, lol. It’s all good. Do you happen to have a celebrity crush? If yes, who’s it? 

POTW:- I’ll say Christiano Ronaldo- I’m inspired by his consistency.

MediVoice: Omo!! (laughs) I didn’t see that coming, I was expecting a female, but then it’s your crush. Ronaldo is someone to be admired. I admire some qualities of his too. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

POTW: Not keeping to your word, perhaps because I trust easily.

MediVoice: Oh yeah, that can piss one off. Speaking of fears, what’s your biggest fear? 

POTW: Failure, I guess. Living a life without impact.

When is your birthday? 

February 11.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you so far? 

The single best thing? Believing the gospel. 

Any departmental crushes? 


Are you in a relationship? If no, are you open to one? 

Yes, I am in a relationship.

Why did you pick medicine and OAU? 

Lol! I never wanted OAU. So here’s the thing, I did OAU pre-degree, and I finished third best, so I had my medicine slot already. But I chose UI, sadly for me, I missed the date of the post utme exam! And I took it as fate determining OAU for me. Looking back, it seems it was worth it.

What kind of music do you enjoy? 

I don’t have any particular musical taste. I just listen to music as random.

What movie can you watch over and over again? 

Kung fu Panda.

What country would you like to visit if you had an opportunity?

Maybe Dubai, but I’ve always nurtured the vision of going beyond the earth to outer space.

Are you into any business or side hustle? If yes, how do you strike a balance? 

Yes. I run a small scale telecommunications retail enterprise (DataExpress- we deal with airtime and data sales at discounted prices (cheaper than the network providers themselves)). I also double as a freelancer. And striking a balance for me is like a mirage because there’s no balance. I push each one to ensure it’s working well enough.

If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who will it be?

Elon Musk. I share his dream of making space habitable for humans and building systems that work.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

A leading Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning firm on breaking new frontiers in Medicine and Space science (passion) and building a conglomerate (hustle).

Would you love to stay in Nigeria or japa?

Both. Japa first and become established. Then, occasionally, visit Nigeria and make establishments here too.

What will you like to change about college? 

Improved teaching methods. 

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

I can’t really say as I basically buy what I need.

Name one person that inspires you – 

My Mother. 

Who would you love to give a shout out to?

Every member of the IFUMSA QUIZ AND DEBATE CLUB as they are more than club members, but my family.

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