Personality of the week: Oluwabamise Omolaso

basically, I love an environment that allows me to explore. I love learning new things primarily related to Medicine and Tech

Personalities of the Week: Balenciaga Boys

This episode of POTW is indeed a special one. I have here with me, no other than the popular clique of the year —

Personality of the Week: Salami Muteeat

Hi guys! My name is Salami Muteeat but some people call me MTee. I’m a former Editor-in-chief of Medivoice News and Literary Club and I’m super glad to be on this interview

The Untamed Dinner: A not so climactic ending

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the Capacity administration has outdone the previous administrations when it comes to the annual IFUMSA health week

Articine’21, The Report

Articine provided a little more than entertainment, reminding us that there’s more to art as Fola David came on stage to talk about art and social injustice

The tale of a lecture that lived up to its hype.

Even before the blessed day of the lecture, IFUMSITES were already buzzing with excitement at what was to come.

The Battle of Wordsmiths, The Report

Arowele Gideon emerged the second runner-up, Gabriel was the first runner up, and Charity Olofinsao was the winner of the debate.

The IHW’21 Radio Program, an All-Important Prelude

The station anchor continued, and the next question was on the Baba Ijesa’s rape incident trending currently, her view on the case, and the tactics used to catch him.

A Battle of Fours and the Lions on Repeat!

Frankly, if matches were won merely by the number of supporters, the Warriors would have slain these Lions and used their leather for wallets.

Report: IHAC Outreach for the 35th Annual IFUMSA Health Week

The malaria test station was a major draw for the students, probably because, as an attendee put it, it was the “major thing that could make one visit the school’s health centre.”