Medivoice Interview with Komolafe Oluwadamilola from Invictus Class

“Medivoice Interview” has found its way into the Part 1 class, and the first interviewee is the class representative.

Medivoice: Hello, can you please tell us about yourself?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: My name is Komolafe Oluwadamilola. I am a first-year medical student and currently serve as the class representative for my class (INVICTUS). I am someone who values honesty and continuous learning, and I always strive to bring my best self to any situation.

Medivoice:Why do you choose Obafemi Awolowo University?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: Hmmm… I chose medicine because it aligns perfectly with my passion and desire to help others. Also, my love for pediatrics, and my commitment to giving back to the community

Medivoice: But, let’s just say, passion is relative👌
If not medicine, what other course?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: However, If not medicine, my fascination and curiosity about how the universe works, from the Big Bang to black holes to astrophysics to time travel, would lead me to pursue a degree in either Physics or Mathematics.

Medivoice: uh, I get goosebumps whenever I hear math. Alright, At present do you hold any political post in IFUMSA?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: Yes, a Class representative for the Invictus class. I mean the current 2022/2023 class.

Medivoice: Furthermore, Do you have friends or family members calling your doctor already?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola:Yes… Doctor! all time
Funny how most people don’t know my real name.

Medivoice: we are all in it😚 How do you enjoy your leisure time?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: I love watching movies, socializing with friends and sometimes I play violin.

Medivoice: That’s nice, life is beyond the four walls of the classroom, Aside from academics what other activities do you engage in?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: Apart from academics, I am passionate about cartoon animations, I take tutorials for UTME and pre-degree students. Recently, I joined The Cardio Health, OAU, and The Antimicrobial Resistance Club, OAU.

Medivoice: How well have these organizations improved you?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: I feel fulfilled when I tutor, to me, it’s a way to give back by helping others achieve their academic goals. Thus, those organizations enable me to contribute to initiatives aimed at promoting cardiovascular health and combating antimicrobial resistance.

Medivoice: Moreover, Part 1 is ending in less than 3 months, how has the journey been so far?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: Hectic but fun all the way. From waking up so early for SER class after sleeping late to crash reading ZOO and BOT. Lol… All I can do is thank God.

Medivoice: SER class and its doings is a story for another day 😂 When the journey seems turbid, what keeps you going?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola:My trust in God and my passion for my chosen field motivate me to persevere. Also, I find strength in the support of my family, friends, and mentors, who encourage and believe in me.

Medivoice: Found love in part 1?

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: Well, Yes… I love everyone in Invictus. Lol

Medivoice:The class rep is probably hiding something from us😂 Finally, Shout out to a senior in college

Komolafe Oluwadamilola: I’d like to give a special shout-out to Dr. Park. Your advice and support have been highly invaluable. Also, thank you for your regular checkups.

Medivoice: Have a nice moment ahead Oluwadamilola.

That brings the end of this session of “Medivoice Interview!” To read other engaging interviews like this, check out our blog!

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