Meet Daodu Lynda – A pretty member of the Unicus class.

Welcome back to the Medivoice blog, and today, you get to be treated to another enjoyable and refreshing episode of our personality of week interview (POTW) to buoy up your weekend. Come with me as we get to know more about our radiant guest(Daodu Lynda). 

MEDIVOICE: Hi Lynda, Can we meet you?

POTW: My name is Daodu Taye Lynda.I’m a part 4 medical student of Obafemi Awolowo University.

MEDIVOICE: Alright cool! So Lynda, how do you feel about IFUMSA? 

POTW: I see IFUMSA as one big extended family. Some Abroad, Some in Nigeria, Some at home(OAU) 😂.

MEDIVOICE:We are one big family really😁.  Moving on, do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes I do.

MEDIVOICE: Okay. If I could ask, why are you studying medicine?

POTW: So many reasons and decisions brought me here. My initial dream was to be an engineer, but in my secondary school, further maths wasn’t well taught. I couldn’t risk having to rewrite WAEC so I went for the next big thing, Medicine.My empathy with children with holes in their hearts displayed on AIT (tv station), and the strong urge to save the life of any child with the same condition was another reason.

MEDIVOICE: That seems very thoughtful of you and we pray God continues to aid you on this journey. So Lynda, asides medicine, what else are you involved in?

POTW: Writing, advocacy, I trybe (social club).

MEDIVOICE: That’s great. So moving further, Who is your role model/ personal hero?

POTW: God is my personal hero/role model. We aim for the sky and not mere men.

MEDIVOICE: Nice! Let me ask, which do you prefer – a book, a movie or a theatre play?

POTW: All of the above.But if I were to pick, I love theatre play.There’s just something about it that makes you feel the storyline more.

MEDIVOICE: That may be true, but as a book lover myself, permit me to disagree a bit😄. Well, moving on, what is your favourite book or author and why?

POTW: My favourite author is Dans Brown, and that is because he knows how to spew ‘nonsense’ with confidence, enough to make you question your belief.

MEDIVOICE: That’s an amusing reason right there😀! Do you have a senior colleague you admire?


MEDIVOICE: Laughs! Our POTW’s mouth is ziplocked. Alright, to the next, are you in a romantic relationship?

POTW: 😂😂I was sent to read my books and my books alone shall I read.

MEDIVOICE: 😅Fellow readers, there you have it. Good girls still exist!😂  Moreover, would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

POTW: Ambivert, though more tilted towards the introverted side.

MEDIVOICE: Alright. Furthermore, do you enjoy group study or you prefer to study on your own?

POTW: I enjoy group study, though it’s as scarce as diamond in Ife.

MEDIVOICE: Cool. But scarce? That’s a bit surprising. Next, what are you most proud of?

POTW: Myself. I make me proud everyday.

MEDIVOICE: Awwn, we are proud of you too. What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

POTW: People scheduling management.

MEDIVOICE:. Now tell me a fun fact about you. 

POTW: I work best when there’s a deadline.

MEDIVOICE: Nice to know that. Some of us love working under pressure. Moving on to the next, what is your dream country for vacation?

POTW: Taiwan, just for the street food though😅.

MEDIVOICE: What question do you always want people to ask you about yourself?

POTW:The question would be none other than “How did you get this far?” 🙂

MEDIVOICE: That’s a deep question that I’m also curious to know the response to(smiles). Give a Shoutout!

POTW: Shout out to Tum Tum😍 that fed me yam and egg today, because she knew I was too busy to think about food😘. Best friend I could ever ask for. I love you to the moons and back,even though sometimes I want to delete you from planet Earth😒😂.

MEDIVOICE: Thank you Tum Tum for taking good care of our POTW😅.Lynda, Any final word(s) for Medivoice?

POTW: You are doing excellent works  medivoice 🥳🥳🥳. Keep the fire burning 🔥💪.

MEDIVOICE: Thank you Lynda. We’d make sure to keep the embers glowing😊.

Thank you dear readers for following us till the end of this exhilarating episode. Stay healthy and safe while making sure to look forward to more exciting ones from us.

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