Interview With Medivoice Editor-in-chief—Abifarin Jomiloju

Hello, there, today we have with us Abifarin Jomiloju, the serving Editor-in-chief of MediVoice.

MediVoice: Can we meet you?

I am Abifarin Jomiloju, a fifth-year medical student at Obafemi Awolowo University. I hail from Ekan Meje, Kwara State, and come from a family of four – my father, mother, twin sister, and myself.

MediVoice: What would you say you love most about MediVoice?

What I cherish most about Medivoice? Its transformative power. I entered the club as an inexperienced writer and willdepart equipped with refined skills to navigate the world of writing. That is the essence of Medivoice.

MediVoice: How has running the club been for you? Especially combining it with Medical school and your personal life?

Balancing the demands of medical school, personal commitments, club leadership, and writing can be taxing. Despite the challenges, I oddly find fulfillment in the journey. Leadership, which I previously shied away from, has shown me how capable I am of giving my best.

MediVoice: What are your plans for the club this year, and aside from your club members, are there plans for IFUMSAites?

As for our plans this year, I’ll keep the specifics under wraps 😅, but I’m pleased to report that we’ve achieved 80% of our objectives. Additionally, we are gearing up for a huge event for IFUMSAites towards the year’s end. Stay tuned!

MediVoice: While your predecessors have done a good job in bringing the club this far, what areas do you plan to build upon?

Implementing discipline has been pivotal. I took the initiative to actualize the code of conduct, conceived during the previous EIC’s tenure. I firmly believe that dedication to any worthwhile endeavor, especially a club like ours, is non-negotiable.

MediVoice: Did you at any time envision yourself leading the club?

Leading the club was never in my plans. I envisaged quietly navigating my way to graduation by part four or five 😅.

MediVoice: We all know that even though writing may be one’s passion, sometimes it gets tiring and exhausting. How do you keep up with producing consistent content?

Writing can indeed be exhausting, yet my pursuit of refinement, striving for excellence, and passion for what I do keeps me motivated.

MediVoice: What has been your proudest moment so far as the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Medivoice?

My proudest moment thus far? Hearing numerous IFUMSAites acknowledge our efforts both physically and on the general group, commending our commitment to objectivity throughout our tenure.

MediVoice: Can you also share some of your club’s biggest challenges? How can IFUMSAites support the club better?

Challenges? Perhaps the struggle to increase blog views and occasional rejections for interviews from some IFUMSAites. We create these stories, interviews, and articles for you. We urge you to engage with them. Moreover, interviews are conducted with integrity, aiming to build credible digital footprints in today’s digital age.

MediVoice: What advice would you give to IFUMSAites who hope to one day join the club?

To prospective IFUMSAites considering joining the club, don’t be discouraged. We welcome those who demonstrate commitment. The recruitment form will be available next year – seize the opportunity. You won’t regret it.

MediVoice: Thank you very much. It was a great interview.

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