Writers’ Interview: Meet Oladipupo Olaoluwa, the budding poet

On today’s edition of Writer’s Interview, we have none other than Oladipupo Olaoluwa, fondly called “Laolu” by his fans. He shares from his knowledge and experience around writing

Let us meet you!

I’m Olaoluwa Oladipupo. You can call me Laolu. I’m a member of the burgeoning MediVoice club.

What is it about writing that appeals to you?

Writing allows for self-expression. That is appealing, I must say.

What is your preferred genre and why is this?

Poetry. It allows you to condense complex emotions into concise and relatable words. Moreover, I love how flexible the genre is.

When did you start writing, any experience around your early years?

Well, I have a good memory of taking writing seriously a short while before the pandemic. I wrote a couple of poems then and I had fun doing them.

How has your writing progressed so far?

Unfortunately, I’ve done less poetry recently. However, I’ve consolidated on my writing basics. I’m still learning and I’m looking forward to more learning.

It is said that writers are readers, do you think this is necessarily true? Can you expatiate on your answer?

I’m indifferent. It depends on how you see it. Reading is quite expository and a writer that reads would incorporate various perspectives into their works. That doesn’t mean someone who reads less would struggle with having a good writing quality by whatever standards. Such might harness their writing basics plus experience to enliven their pieces. It isn’t an outright rule in my opinion.

Challenges you have faced so far and lessons you would like to share?

Yeah, I still find it challenging navigating some writing complexities. The mix between creative expression and certain technicalities of the art. I hope to work that out with continuous practice and reading.

What is it about monetizing writing skills? Ever dabbled into that? And how have you been able to combine this with medical school?

Yeah, tried my luck with that. Lol, joggling it with med school is a crazy struggle, I must confess.

What writer do you admire and why?

Michael Sandel. He’s a present-age charming personality and an admirable teacher.

Any useful tips for newbies?

Just let it out. It isn’t about perfection at first. Aim at not suppressing your inner voice.

Shout-out to anyone?

Big ups to everyone keeping it real out there.

Check out some of Laolu’s writings here.

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