None of us is right.

The metal cylinder had travelled through years. It finally came hurtling down in the middle of the forest. Gana was playing among the coral reefs when she spotted something shiny in the depths of the reef. She grabbed hold of it and added it to her collection.

Gana loved collecting. She was not sure what she collected for. But she knew that everything she collected had a purpose, and she could give things a new purpose. She was a reinventor, a creative. Her father preferred to call it trash collecting. He did not necessarily approve of her hobby. But it was not hurting anyone so he was not too concerned.

Gana was fiddling with her latest cylinder. She threw them from tentacle to tentacle, examining the cylinder in the murky depths.

She was able to decode the message in binary.

Send help. Earth is in danger of extinction.

Gana examined the message and sighed.  One of these days I’ll find something useful.

She threw the cylinder in the pile of trash and swam to a beautiful night

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